A Spectrum Of Expression


I'll begin by saying spectrum means range, an extent, a limit or a reach through which a phenomenon or variable can be possible. Of course this will be difficult to wrap around since the word "Spectrum" itself can be dynamic as it affects many aspects of life from politics, same-sex marriage, to other trendy sociopsychological issues that feels totally contradictory amongst some diverse human societies.

(NOTE: a tip for those who are biting the end of their fingers on the theme of spectrum). Today, I want to be exploring the topic spectrum of expressions. Firstly, it can be seen diversely from the rural/urban human societies and spread into a lot of sophisticated and technologicalised ones as well, expanding within a range or a particular limit, and this is what I will call the spectrum of expressions.

In the world today, we have a wide range of people who believe in the art and act of expression, and I'll expatiate on this. The act of expression is the process, methods and manner in which people chose to express themselves. The world is currently allowing a lot of trends, since human right of expressions has become superior from let's say 100 years back to what it currently is now.

Nowadays, people are beginning to see freedom as a spectrum that is limited and hence have chosen to explore it widely, without border or boundary seems they have the right. The act of expression knows and acknowledging the fact that no one is stopping you, you own your body, your life and mind and hence tweaking it to suit your fantasies are merely to your own good. We see people express themselves by tattooing, penis enlargement, liposuction, plastic surgery, body enhancement, tweaking the face, the look or appeal to maybe a particular race, a color or a tradition.


The Art of expression on the other hand is simply the process or act of expression in a more hardcore, unique, or creative way that would spark a reaction, criticism or question the sense of limit to the extent which people are willing to go to express themselves. Sometimes we see people look or appear in ways that we wouldn't deem to be normal or usual, and the next thing they'll say is that they have the right to express themselves.

However, they have taken expression to a whole new level, seeing it as an art, a style, taking it beyond comprehension. For example, in the name of looking different, I've seen people who chose to input horns Into their head, pierce their tongue, darken their eyes surgically to look like the devil. LGBT which stands for (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) is a spectrum of expression.

This is being mentally conditioned to choosing to express oneself differently in a sexual way away from how they're originally biologically wired. This of course is being accepted. Lately, a few people are being to add transracialism, a rare form of expression in which people can change their race surgically by adding a few facial features that is peculiar to the race they're changing into. An example is Oli London, a British K-POP artist who underwent dozens of surgeries to identify as Korean. However, I do believe that changing his face to look Korean wouldn't really make him Korean, this is because he cannot surgically also remove his accent.

Expression is a spectrum that is really vivid in many human societies at large, it is rampant and really contrasting just like you'll have fields like political spectrum and how it's become a theme through which people are psychologically conditioned. The world doesn't have a finite resolution, a conviction or dispositions towards expression. Most people would see it as an abuse, or a person trying to play God. Oli London for example have come under a lot of heavy criticism, to me, some of these criticism would be categorized into diverse manners.


For some, they will see his art of expression as madness. Others will say that it's his money and body and no one should decide for him what to do, while others would express fear for the future, others will see him as a negative influence or abuse to what LGBT stands for. For some people like me, I'll see it as exceeding or crossing a boundary. We can never have the same opinion or standpoint when it comes to the spectrum of expression.

This is because a lot of people do not want to judge and a few others wants to remain indifferent. However, we cannot argue that at one point in our lives that we haven't attempted to express ourselves in ways as deem satisfactory. The aim of this post was to explore the Psychology behind human expression.


The reason people tilt to expression is that we're diversely creative. Having a brilliant mind makes us tap into realms that might even be considered impossible for another person or persons to fathom. For example, choosing to speak in another accent or choosing to behave like a different race, or choosing to explore a sexual fantasy beyond imagination it's because people do not want to be conformed or limited to a particular narrative.

Intrestingly, I see results of the freedom to expression, we can notice a dynamism in this spectrum by seeing that people are taking expression to a whole new level that can be outrageous, an example is someone like Oli London. But is this wrong? This is not entirely up to me to say because as we keep evolving so does the hunger and thirst to be strangely expressed keep increasing, But we must strive hard to maintain a balance and a limit.

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