Would you like to be Iron Man?

Would you like to be Iron Man?

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You would like to have superhuman powers with a technology that you can put on and amplify your strength; kind of external muscles and bones, the exo-skeleton is a pretty good idea, although obviously we can't be Iron man yet.

Everything that is there in an exoskeleton began with robotics and as part of science it has its creative facet, from the construction of the design to bringing it to life with programming and all artificial intelligence. In particular, the real problem with robotics that makes it complex is locomotion and the designers take their inspiration from biology and how it tries to replicate all biological mechanisms in machines.

The initial idea of ​​a mechanical structure that could improve our movement is many years old, but the invention that I remember that is already several years old and that introduces that element of improving our skills are the stilts and subsequently the jumping stilts that many already know how to use.

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We owe the first Iron Man-style exoskeleton to the US Army in 1965. The Hardiman was a hydraulic beast with the purpose of increasing the strength of its wearer by 25. However, due to limitations of the time, it did not work; but these were improved from 2000 with inventions such as BLEEX exoskeleton, hulk exoskeleton, Hyundai H-LLEX exoskeleton, all with significant improvements.

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The researchers realized that the exoskeletons could be used by people with motor problems or musculoskeletal deficiencies and could increase their capabilities thanks to these exoskeletons.

In the same way exoskeletons were introduced in the field of rehabilitation, these can help make the proper movements and speed up the recovery process.

Practically what it does is place a muscle in parallel and in some places in the joints giving support, stability control and at the same time it provides strength to climb stairs, ramps, etc. with which it is an ideal complement to help in the daily life of the elderly or people with muscle weakness.

Let's hope that many more inventions from the military area pass to the civil area to help all those people with disabilities and thus improve their lives.

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