This is how space sounds.

This is how space sounds.


Sound is the product of the set of vibrations that propagate through an elastic medium such as air, those vibrations that are nothing more than different densities of the air are captured by the ears and it is our brain that identifies each vibration with a specific sound , creating a sound language that allows us, for example, to listen to the melody of birdsong, rain, music or understand a language.

In space there is no elastic medium like air, so our ears would not hear anything, although things would change a lot if with our ears we could capture radio waves or other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by all objects including, for For example, visible light, what if we could hear the light, not just see it, how we would feel the cosmos if it were translated into sound, we would discover new things.


When our radio picks up the waves from a station, what the device does is assign radio electromagnetic waves to specific vibrations in the loudspeaker membrane.In this way, the membrane produces the vibration of the air and that vibration of the air is what we end up hearing as a sound, it is a translation of an electromagnetic wave that is the radio wave to a sound to a vibration of the air, something similar is what the zoning project directed by the Chandra X-ray space observatory and the Universe of Learning program intends to both from NASA.

What they want is something similar to what we do with radio waves but using light to transform the light and data from the most powerful telescopes in the world into sounds, recently the project has published a new installment of their work, the first sonification that we are going to hear is from a region where stars are forming.

Cluster of young stars about 20 thousand light years from Earth.

The second sonification is from a debris field left by a long-exploded star, an area known as Tycho's supernova remnant, as it was observed by the famous astronomer on November 11, 1572.

Supernova de Tycho

The third solicitation is from the region surrounding science's most famous black hole, Messier 87.

The giant black hole Messier 87

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