The Lord of the Moons, Jupiter.

The Lord of the Moons, Jupiter.

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Jupiter reaches a new record, it was not enough to be the largest planet in the solar system, now it has become the new king of the moons, adding 12 new natural satellites and reaching the number of 92 moons, surpassing Saturn, which It remains at the moment in 83 natural satellites.

The new moons They were discovered by Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie's Institute using telescopes in Hawaii and Chile During the years 2021 and 2022, they had not been discovered before because they are very small, their size varies from a kilometer to 3 km in diameter.

The researcher said he hopes that the next missions to Jupiter, the European space agency's JUICE and NASA's Europa Clipper, will be able to get close-up images of some of these new moons and thus discover where they come from, perhaps they are captured asteroids or remnants of other much larger moons destroyed in Jupiter's past or fragments left over from the initial moments of the creation of the solar system Or maybe even some Interstellar asteroid captured by Jupiter.

It is suspected that there may be more small moons to discover orbiting Uranus and Neptune, they are planets that are much further away than Jupiter and Saturn, so discovering them will be more difficult, but it will certainly be an exciting challenge for moon hunters.

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