The First Tools of Plant Defense.

The First Tools of Plant Defense.


For the first time in the history of humanity and also in the history of life on this planet, a species will begin to have the tools to be able to avoid the impact of an asteroid.

The DART mission pursues precisely that, it begins to put the first tools to be able to defend ourselves from the attacks of asteroids and also comets, it was launched on November 23 from the Vanderberg space force base in California and its name is "test double asteroid redirection ”or DART, the double asteroid is because it is directed at a binary asteroid made up of two objects.


One main one, which is the asteroid Didymos with a size of 780 meters in diameter and a moon that orbit a smaller asteroid of 160 meters in diameter called dymorphos and which is the target against which a spacecraft is going to be launched.

NASA issued a statement saying that at this time there is no known asteroid at risk of impact with the earth for at least the next 100 years, highlighted the unknown because there is still a large margin of asteroids that have not been located, especially the less than 150 meters in diameter, which are not capable of destroying humanity but in case of impact it would cause a lot of damage.


The impact will change the route in principle, it should remain the same as the main asteroid, it is assumed that the impact will only move the orbit of the small asteroid that is circling around the large asteroid a little, but the general route the general direction will be the one that It is taking the main asteroid, hopefully because there is also the possibility that the impact ends producing unwanted effects such as removing the asteroids from its orbit.

That possibility is very remote but it is not zero, nor is the possibility that the asteroid ends up breaking a lot of pieces is zero, because it could be that the asteroid dymorphos, the asteroid of a small one against which it is going to impact, was formed by a pile of rocks and dust something similar to what we have found with other asteroids, that is to say that it is not a solid core but a pile of debris, what will happen when it impacts? Well that is one of the great doubts.

The asteroid will be destroyed, it will move only a little bit, that is precisely what we want to measure and verify with this mission, because in the event that an asteroid of this type goes on a collision route to earth we need to have the data to be able to know what to do and how to respond.

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