Super virus found by China

Giant viruses found by China


Giant viruses have been discovered in one of the most mysterious places on the planet, the salinger abyss located in the Mariana Trench almost 11,000 meters below the water and with a pressure 1100 times greater than that we would find on the surface.


The finding was made by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences who succeeded in sequencing the genome of 15 viruses, discovering several species of mini viruses, which measure up to 700 nanometers, so according to the researchers, they can sometimes be observed with the naked eye. it has an extraordinarily complicated genome with more than 1,200,000 base pairs, more than any other virus, for example it is 40 times more than what the coronavirus has.


But these viruses are a threat to us, the answer is that no, since they are adapted to the extreme conditions of the abyss, Chinese scientists did not manage to activate any of the giant viruses in the laboratory and I say activate and not revive because viruses They are not exactly considered forms of life, to reproduce they need to invade authentic living beings and in this case the giant viruses prefer to attack the amoebas in the underwater abysses.

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