Incidents in space

Incidents in space

Satelites amenazados - Imagen creada por mi en playgroundai

Space debris continues to increase, we have not yet discovered a method to reduce it, but another incident has also occurred and this time it comes with an unsolved mystery.

According to some media involving the United States space forces, the Russian satellite Cosmos 2499 was destroyed on January 3, creating a cloud of at least 85 traceable pieces of debris, the untraceable ones being much smaller. , it may be many more.

Although the incident took place on January 3, the publication of the confirmation by the United States space force It was on February 7, these new pieces of space debris are very bad news, because they are also about 1,169 kilometers away. high, they are in the upper middle part of the low Earth orbit, a rather complicated place.

The low earth orbit ranges from 160 kilometers to 1000 or 2000 kilometers high, this low earth orbit is where the vast majority of satellites are located, from satellite constellations such as the starling, to the two space stations China and the International is therefore the orbit that has the densest traffic and the new fragments may be circling the earth for more than a century, until they end up falling and disintegrating in the atmosphere.

How will that Russian spy satellite be - Image created by me in playgroundai

The problem, in addition to the obvious, is that the destroyed Russian satellite was not normal, its launch was not officially declared, which apparently occurred in May 2014 and from the analyzes of the United States Space Force it seems that it was a satellite. twin of Cosmos 2491.

The military suspects that the Russians were testing technology to breed ships that can chase down enemy satellites and even disable them.

Space satellites have become vital in Modern Wars, but destroying an enemy satellite is a very bad idea, as it creates a cloud of fragments that can end up affecting friendly satellites or ships, so now there is a military race for having and developing an effective weapon to deactivate or take enemy satellites out of orbit.

The idea of ​​taking them out of orbit is to push them towards the earth, that they fall, that the terrestrial atmosphere is the one that ends up disintegrating them in a more or less safe way, they ask her what remains in the air and what the military in the United States are doing, what was This Russian satellite, an experimental interception craft gone wrong, is what the military suspects.

What is certain is that some method needs to be developed to capture space debris because according to the European space agency there are some 36,500 pieces of at least 10 centimeters wide revolving around our planet, with enough power to destroy a ship with their impact and those are just the objects Big enough to be tracked, it is possible that more than 100 million pieces of debris at least one millimeter wide with an Impact Power similar to that of a bullet exist in Earth's orbit.



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