From Dark Matter to Dark Photons

From Dark Matter to Dark Photons


Dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter that is believed to represent approximately 85% of the matter in the universe, it is called dark because it does not interact with the electromagnetic field, which means that it does not absorb, reflect, and emit electromagnetic radiation, not the we can detect it is as if it were a ghost, but then why do scientists say that it exists and also in much greater quantity than the normal matter of which we, the planets and the stars are composed.

Well, they say this because gravitational anomalies have been detected that can only be explained by the existence of ghostly matter or dark matter, or something unknown to us and that our theory of gravity is wrong, but if our theory of gravity is not wrong and the dark matter exists, what can it be?

In a recent study published by SISSA researchers in Italy in collaboration with other scientists from the universities of Tel Aviv, Nottingham and New York, the conclusion has been reached that dark matter could be formed, at least to a large extent, by photons. dark.


This hypothesis agrees perfectly with the observations made by the cosmic origin spectrograph that goes on board the Hubble Space Telescope. This device, this spectrograph, takes measurements of the cosmic web, which is the complex and tenuous network of filaments that fills the space between galaxies.

Data collected by Hubble suggest that intergalactic cosmic filaments are hotter than Standard Model of Structure Formation hydrodynamic simulations predict, since dark photons would be able to convert to low-frequency photons and thus heat the cosmic structures could well be the cause of this warming, is what the scientists affirm in their work.


But here we get into another mystery, because what are dark photons, dark photons are new hypothetical particles, that is, they have not yet been detected, if the normal photon of light that we see carries a force of electromagnetism, the dark photon would carry a new force from the dark sector and what is the dark sector, since it is also a hypothetical set of quantum fields not yet observed and their corresponding hypothetical particles.

The interactions between the particles in the hidden sector and the particles of the standard model, that is to say the universe that we know and of which we are formed, are very weak, indirect interactions and typically measured by things like gravity or other new particles.

As we always emphasize the "known universe" because the unknown Universe, or rather the universe to be known, is even much larger and surrounds us in ways that are difficult to imagine.

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