Change the direction of time

Change the direction of time


Imagine that we could make a fried egg go back to being a fresh egg in its shell or that a fired bullet could return to the magazine of the gun like in the movie Tenet, I'm not talking about time travel to the past but about reversing the directional arrow of physical processes while in the rest of the universe we would continue to move into the future, we could make a certain physical process go back in time it would be amazing and unfortunately it cannot be done in our world, the macroscopic world.

But and in the quantum world, in the world of the extremely small, because there the problem becomes even more complicated since one of the basic principles of quantum physics is that the simple observation of a system causes it to change, what which makes it impossible to track how a system changes over time and reverse the process.

However, the laws of quantum mechanics also open up a curious possibility thanks to the so-called Universal Rewind protocols that allow reversing changes in a quantum system without needing to know exactly what the initial conditions were, that is, you can be sure that that something has happened, without having to observe it or as Mr. Spot would say "if you drop a hammer on a planet with positive gravity I don't need to see it fall to know that it has indeed fallen".

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Scientists from the University of Vienna have managed to reverse the direction of time, although on a tiny scale, that of a photon, they managed to return it to its temporary state prior to the experiment. In our macroscopic world it would be like returning the fried egg to its shell. ; is a photon is something extremely small, but even the longest journey begins with a single step.

This work is a demonstration in addition to the so-called Universal rewind protocol and it has just been published in the optical scientific journal, but what does all this mean, we will be able to one day rewind our normal life processes, make the bullet go back to the gun, well not that we know of, but what we know thanks to these scientists and this experiment is that it can happen in the quantum world, so a possible application would be in the construction of quantum computers, computers capable of rewinding failed processes to avoid errors and end up finding the solution correct.

I imagine that it would not be like the movie Tecnet, rather it would be a computer similar to Doctor Strange, analyzing in seconds the 14,605,000 possibilities until finding the perfect solution, that is what that computer could do, rewinding all the possible options in seconds until finding the perfect solution, can you imagine a computer of this type at the head of a house or at the head of a company or a nation or an army, can you imagine that it was not on our side?

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