A world of water with a sad ending

A world of water with a sad ending


A discovered exoplanet called GJ 1214 b is in the news now because the James Webb Space Telescope has taken a closer look at it, this world lies about 40 light-years away from us in the direction of the constellation Ophiuchus.

It is a super earth, with six times the mass of the earth and was a candidate to be an ocean planet, that is, a planet that was completely covered by water, however, the findings indicate that in that world it is too hot for Water is in liquid form, although there is a lot of water vapor and it is a very important part of its atmosphere, which is apparently extremely dense and made up of some type of mist.

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The researchers suspect that in the past it could have been a world of water covered by a global ocean, but the planet moved from its original position and got very close to its star, now it is too hot, on the day side the one that always Look at the star the average temperature is 279 degrees Celsius, while on the night side it is 165 degrees Celsius.

The sad fate of this oceanic world that moved and changed its position caused it to lose liquid water and become a planet of steam, perhaps it was pushed by another larger planet, a planet that we have not yet discovered.

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