A very strange exoplanet

A very strange exoplanet

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We have a new former planet, unfortunately there is no artistic image of it and not even a data table, I hope they will publish it shortly, they have only announced that they will publish it shortly in a scientific journal, for the moment they have made the announcement.

The very strange exoplanet, it is very particular, it is similar in size to the earth, it orbits its star in the habitable zone, right on the edge of that habitable zone, the year in this world lasts four days, like many exoplanets that we have found some very similar to earth that are within the habitable zone, but this planet has been called k2-415b and it orbits an m-class red dwarf called k2-415.

It is located almost 72 light years away from us, the star is small it is smaller than the sun, it only has 16% of the mass of our sun and it is one of the smallest stars found that was being orbited by an exoplanet of the size of the earth, the strangeness of this planet that is practically equal to the earth in terms of size, perhaps it is a tad larger; Researchers say it is 1,015 times the radius of the earth, but that's a few kilometers larger. The strange thing is that the density of this world is so much greater than the density of the earth.

Image created by me in playgroundai

And it is that the Earth has the highest density among the planets of the solar system, we slightly exceed mercury our planet is a very dense planet, but it turns out that this new world beats us and by far, k2-415 b has approximately between 3 to 7 times the mass of the earth and a lot must be a world formed practically by iron and metals, to this we must add that the surface gravity in this world must also be much greater than the terrestrial one, keep in mind that the surface gravity of a planet, of course, influences the mass but also how compressed and dense that planet is.

Saturn, for example, has a little superficial gravity, if we could land on Saturn we would notice a superficial gravity is a little greater than the terrestrial one, however, it has much more mass than the earth, this planet has an enormous density therefore also its gravity will be much greater, which makes us wonder if this is a normal planet or if it is the nucleus of an ancient gaseous planet, it is something that they will have to find out in future investigations.

In addition, according to the astronomers who have made the discovery, this exoplanet is in an ideal position to be able to examine its atmosphere, so we will surely have more news about this strange planet in the future.

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