A solar system very similar to ours.

A solar system very similar to ours.

The European Southern Observatory says that it has detected a hidden exoplanet and they show us these two images, in which we can see a world similar to Jupiter, although with a few times more mass, this world orbits around the star AF leporis at about 87 4 light years away.

This exoplanet has been photographed by two independent groups of astronomers using the SPHERE instrument installed in the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the European Southern Observatory, located in northern Chile, but why did they point to this particular star, because astronomers They discovered that something was wrong with the star.

The stars obviously have the planets orbiting them gravitationally trapped, but the planets also exert a small tug on the star the larger the planet and the smaller the star the stronger that tug will be, as it turns out that the star AF leporis showed a very disturbed movement, something big was pulling her.

Image created by me in playgroundai

When the two groups took a closer look at the system they managed to obtain a direct image of the planet, this is the lightest or smallest planet detected with the combined use of astrometric measurements and direct images, the most interesting part of the finding is that the lepolis system shares characteristics very similar to our solar system, the star has approximately the same mass, it is slightly larger, it also has a size and temperature similar to those of the Sun and the discovered planet orbits at a distance similar to that between Saturn and the sun.

The system also has a debris belt with characteristics similar to the Kuiper belt, but there is something that makes it very different from the solar system and that is that the AF leporis system is very young, it is only 24 million years old, if the solar system allows it. Compared to a middle-aged person in his 40s, the AF leporis system would be a 2.5-month-old baby, but it is so similar to the solar system that it is ideal for studying how our star and planets formed 4,500 million years ago .

Perhaps at this moment planets similar to Earth are being formed in the area of habitability of AF leporis, perhaps it is an interesting place to seek Refuge when in 4,500 million years from now the sun begins to swell to become a red giant and ends up devouring the Earth. Land.


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