The One Thing I Regret The Most

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In general, there are some things I regret today and that I would like to do differently today if I could do it over again.

But especially here on the Hive there anything that you regret? Anything you would do differently if you could do it over again.

There is one simple thing that I personally regret.

It is not necessarily the "what" or the "how" for me.

For me, it is the "when".

I am happy with what I have done and how I've done it so far. But what I regret the most is that didn't start earlier.

It's not that I wish I could have been here on the blockchain earlier. But I've been here for too long before I really got serious about it.

I have read many posts here on the blockchain to realize that we have many people here who went through very challenging times. I just think of what I have heard and read about how the Hive blockchain came to life after the STEEM experience.

Now I'm not going to give an opinion on that, as I wasn't here and therefore I know nothing about it. All I know is what I have heard and read.

Then, besides the drama mentioned above, I've heard how people had to wait for long periods of time to get their Hive accounts/wallets opened and active.

If I think about the process I have experienced, although this was "higher grade" stuff for me because I had no clue how it was still a walk in the park compared to what it must have been in the

So, my timing for arriving here on the blockchain was...let's call it "perfect".

What wasn't so perfect though, was my own mindset.

I just came out of a very bad experience where my family and I got ripped off badly in an offline situation.

I've also had my fair share of "not so nice" experiences before that.

So allow me to say that by the time I arrived here, I just didn't find it so easy to trust someone and believe everything I hear before I could see the facts for myself.

Now let's get this straight... The person who introduced me to this blockchain was upfront and to the point. There was no hype or false/empty promises in the way I got introduced to this platform.

My Arrival in the Online World

Now imagine this...already feeling skeptical and suspicious about everything (and even everybody), I started looking around to see if there is anything worthwhile to do online.

And what do I find? An abundance of pipedreams and scams that you can sense from a distance.

Until I found this one link. I can't remember the exact wording, but I can remember that the emphasis was on the fact that you shouldn't expect a fortune overnight and you actually had to put in some effort.

Now that caught my attention. I clicked on it to take a close look. It involved cryptocurrencies and the process of learning more about them. And while you learn, you could actually start earning in these cryptocurrencies by taking action and doing some work.

Okay...I am interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies. That is something I've been wanting to do for a long time already.

Well, it was also mentioned that by doing some work, you would start earning some income (however small) in some of these cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you could start with zero out-of-pocket expenses.

So, I thought to myself I have nothing to lose, but lots to gain by learning about a topic I know I'm already interested in.

And yes, you guessed it, it was a link from @jongolson and it was about the Start Earning Today program.

So, I arrived here just over a year ago. I heard about showing up every day. Create content, engage, and curate...every day, I heard.

Yes, that's all good when people already know who you are. But who am I? I didn't just want to start bombarding people with content and they didn't even know who I was?

I created new content about once a week. I engaged as well as I could. I started upvoting people's work if I found it interesting and I started building some relationships.

Oh...and then there was the Hive-Engine I got totally overwhelmed with all those tokens and sometimes even seeing tokens coming into my wallet and I had no clue where they came from or why I received

Yes, I learned a lot and I showed some nice growth... But nothing spectacular.

And then the penny dropped towards the end of July 2021.

I can keep on doing this just for the fun of it, or I can get serious and give it my best shot.

I decided to get serious and give it my best shot. Again, I had nothing to lose, yet I could gain by putting this to the test.

And here we are today.

Since I have made the decision (two months ago), my HP has doubled and the dollar value of my Hive account has increased by 322%.

Source: CANVA

My Biggest Regret

So what on earth do I regret?

The timing for arriving here on the blockchain was perfect. The opportunity was right here, under my nose.

But, I regret that it took me so long to get serious about this.

So would I like to go back and start over?

Only if we can turn back the time

No. Now I have learned something. There is no time for regrets and thinking about where I could have been.

But yes, it would have been nice if I could have started this process seriously much sooner.

But that is my only regret. Lesson learned. Now it's time to move on and build.

What is Your Journey Like?

How about you? Is everything plain sailing for you?

Or do you have any regrets you would like to share with us?

Anything positive you have learned, breakthroughs you had, or when the penny dropped for you...I'd like to hear about it.

Thank you for reading my post.

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