Put the brain to work

We are talking of unethical or improper conduct by someone. Is generally called malpractice.

This happens when the brain is not put to work.



Be I am going to center my post on the malpractice done during examination.

Malpractice can be dangerous in the life of an individual, not only to that individual but such activities can also affect society as well as the economy.

It leads to one losing value overstuffs that would have been under control or that would have been in the jurisdiction of someone to handle. But unable to take charge over this stuffs because there was no commitment in what the person found himself accomplishing he does it with the help from external hands which are not legitimate.

This individual tends to grow with a crazy mindset that things can be done without putting appropriately things that would have led to achieving this goal.

Dangers of Exam malpractice in the life of an individual.

  1. Lack self-esteem: An individual who engages himself in any form of malpractice tends to lose his self-esteem, that fellow will not have the courage to move on with things on his own.
    The fear of failing will always register in his heart and that can cause stagnation in the life of that fellow because he sees himself as not being capable.
    When you see yourself with low self-esteem, you tend to stay where you are and advancement is not an option in your life.

  2. Improper use of resources: Anyone who always rely on others for help tends to waste resources whenever he tries to put such resources to work and this will lead to high cost over a little production, that person will not be efficient to himself and even to the society as a whole.

  3. Lack of creative mind: The fellow who can not think of possible ways to solve problems will be faced with numerous problems. Why is it like this? Because the person doesn't study and lack of study keeps one in a place without advancing.
    Someone who can create answers to simple questions given by humans in an exam hall even when he was taught that which is used as exams as the question.
    The question is how will the person be able to think of possible ways out when life presents the situation at the doorstep of such person. Life doesn't teach before bringing the question the difference is that you learn from the question life brings.

  4. Rely too much on other people: Anyone who engages in malpractice relies mostly on other people, and this leads to one developing a Lazy attitude, and having a lazy attitude can lead to the development of character that will hurt society. Because he will be relying on others while some people will rely on him.

Dangers of exam malpractice to society.

  1. It increases illicit act The society will be experiencing illicit acts such as corrupt practices, stealing, and so many other acts that are not beneficial to the economy and all this is as a result of individuals not being able to think of things that will help the economy, anyone who is unable to create will destroy the ones that are created by other people because such people don't know the pains of research.

  2. There will be retardation on the growth of the economy: When people tend to engage more in malpractice in a society, it hinders the growth of such a society. This is because they lack a great mindset for the development and advancement of the economy and when there is no sense of production and development will be greatly affected.

  3. Increase in the dependency ratio.: When the economy lacks people with a great sense of creation, it will lead the economy to be dependent on anything they use, and this increases laziness, and as a result of this exploitation can happen.

Learn to give answers to situations ourselves, it will help you think fast and it will also help you to be self-esteemed ready to face any challenge that may aroused in the time to come.

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