BYOD can benefit more than just the geeky technology companies. Any business can benefit from the big bad of the BYOD. Almost every company on the planet collects customer or supplier data, which is then SUPPOSED to be used to deliver a product or service…or so we are led to believe.

Allowing workers to bring their own devices into the workplace can have some advantages. In this post we will just hit on just three of the major ones.

Customer Satisfaction

If a teams in your firm can be freer due to the ability to work at multiple times, in multiple locations, and using their own devices, then they can provide a more agile service. This in turn should drive customer satisfaction up.

Productivity and Empowerment

If employees can use their own devices to get things done, they will be more adept and faster at utilizing them than if they had to be educated on a third-party device or software.

BYOD can also help employees manage their work-life balance more quickly, resulting in less stress, increased productivity, enhanced quality of life (maybe), and better customer care as identified previously.

Lower Costs

If employees use their own devices, the company may reduce IT procurement, maintenance, and training costs. Employees who can do their work from wherever they are also less inclined to depart, and request raises.

That’s it for now, my next post will be on the risks of BYOD. Let me know what you think? I only hit on three main benefits so feel free to share some of the others you can think of here in the comments. Would love to hear about them.

Now if you would like some more good reads on the subject of BYOD while awaiting my next post, and one with some cool pics and shit, try this one from NewStatesman sponsored by Sony and Vaio.


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