Crypto trading as livelihood

On this post I want to talk about cryptocurrency trading, on Trading, as many know, is the buying and selling of any product, and its price will depend on the speculation of the buyers and sellers involved.

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and changes easily from one moment to another, many people have lost their money due to these changes that occur in the market so suddenly.

Due to the sudden changes that this market presents, many people, websites and videos recommend getting well informed, familiarizing yourself with the graphs and their technical study, and studying the different cryptocurrencies that exist.

In the world of cryptocurrencies there are thousands that are supported by different projects and many of them have such a long history that you do not need to know their history to invest, as is the case with Bitcoin and Etherum, they are cryptocurrencies that have become very large and have been sustained over time.

Although there are currencies that can be trusted by many or almost all people, you still have to investigate and do your homework to find out whether or not it is convenient for you to invest in it.

In this market, ignorance can cost you dearly and can make you lose all your capital to invest and leave you bankrupt. These types of markets can bring many benefits, but if you operate intelligently and with indicators that will make you see where prices are headed

Apart from the information that you collect from your research on cryptocurrencies, you have to have and trust your intuition, maintain your decision and position when it is seen that what was expected does not happen, you have to have nerves of steel to be able to operate accordingly. intelligent way, not to be carried away by the impulses and emotions of the moment, but to act with the plan that has already been studied, planned and is being executed.

In the world of trading, there are several types of trader, which can be the following:

-The Day Trading: It is that investor who enters the market and leaves that same day, is an investor focused on the short term.

-Scalping: This type of investor enters and leaves the market in very short periods throughout the day, the time of these periods can last minutes and even seconds.

-Swing Trading: This investor sees more in the medium term than the previous ones, since he opens an operation at the beginning of the day and can close it after more than ten days.

-The Trend or the directional trading: The investor is carried away by the cryptocurrency trends that are in fashion at that time. This type of investor is a bit risky and has a high rate of probability that he will lose his invested capital.

Trading is very dynamic and can make you earn a lot of money. The important thing is to know when to enter the market and they do the different technical analysis

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