Where is the #POB Community Headed ?

Last week registered another low in the engagement levels in #pob. This is a result of two important events on #pob.

These are two very important projects on this platform in terms of the engagement. These projects helped many users to gain some decent rewards.

Highlights of the week

  • 2251 (Last week 2159) subscribers to the community - This was the strongest parameter with the growth of 16.67%.
  • 723 (Last week 736) active users are actively posting on POB. During the last week number of active users reduced by 12.26%
  • There are about 6016 (Last week 5837) investors who are/were holding POB tokens. 11% growth of investors. Investors have seen a continuous growth since April, when I started compiling these reports.
    The most important highlight of the week is the cross section of the investors vs. interactions trends. Interactions have been continuously falling down whereas investors are continuously increasing. Growing number of investors against the interactions also indicate that the stakeholders of the community are now not interested in the engagement but prefer to be in the curators role.

Declining Engagement

Engagement clearly indicates a declining trend since last couple of weeks and with just 5565 engagements for the week, it has already cloaked the decline of close to 27% on weekly basis. However, when combined with the declining number of the active users the per user engagement has reduced to only 7 comments per user. This ratio is one of the lowest in the #pob history.

Impact of #pobtalk

The engagement on #pobtalk forum has started seeing the decline and the average comments per day are registering new low. On 21st September it registered only 21 comments against its all time high of 354 on 19th August. In just 33 days it reached from all time high to all time low.

Overall the community activities are lackluster.

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