Engagement nearing all time high again

Once again the community is witnessing heightened engagement. This time there is a genuine reason. @trostparadox which is one of the driving force of this community has laid down a proposal on handling the downvotes and @onealfa.pob which is the biggest investor of the #pob tokens threatened to ignore the user who support the proposal.

This has lead to almost all the active users to make comments on the posts associated with the proposal in addition to the activity on #pobtalk. This has resulted in healthy discussions across the platform.


Highlights of the week

  • 1270 (Last week 1182) subscribers to the community - Growth of 7.45%.
  • 712 (Last week 673) active users are actively posting on POB.
  • There are about 4190 (Last week 4027) investors who are/were holding POB tokens.

Engagement is the Key

The biggest and the most important number for the POB community was the interactions. The engagements started picking up from the last week and engagements have reached closer to all time high. It registered the growth of close to 4% over the past week.


POB Talk Impact

POB Talk has become the unavoidable force of this analysis. This initiative is started by @vempromundo.pob and is comparatively new. However, the action was seen. Out of the total engagement on the #pob platform #pobtalk contributed to 11.82% of the total interactions, strengthening its contribution to the total engagement further.


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