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RE: What Does Pob's Rich List Really Tell Us?

@scholaris' point of view makes sense. Since POB's success in the price issue at the beginning of everything here was because of the whales. They decided to invest and buy tokens. The more tokens we have in Stake and the less available for purchase, the better the purchase offer.

Now going to your point of view there are also those people who are benefiting from the votes and earning a lot of tokens and accumulating, who didn't really invest, just collecting. In the end, many have great values ​​but are not "distributing" as it would be nice in terms of curation that I always commented here.

But there are some projects going on from some whales like POB Street, POB Talk.

And some curated tracks. Mine for example I have managed to cure up to 30 accounts a day, thanks to some followers. @scholaris also has an interesting voting and commenting track.

A few days ago I made a post Who can create something for POB? - Proposals, asking people with skills, who are willing to create use cases for token POB to manifest... Unfortunately no one.

Also, in my last post on Ranking BR, I posted about the project @wiseagent started and which has my support. It is a test restricted to Brazilians, but for logistical reasons, but if it works out, it can be applied to several places.

I also posted there about the products that I will list on the HIVE LIST to be purchased with POB, I spoke to @thomashnblum about the shirts and he is also super interested to accept POB.

Unfortunately, it still had little repercussion there =\

By the way @scholaris, if you can then take a look at these ideas that we're trying to bring up to move the POB token and give your opinion, it will be very important.

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