Check Out These 3 Tips for Successful Blogging

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Hello Bloggers, writers, designers, artists, musicians, foodies, intelects, and tabbit-hole travellers (rabbit hole + browser tabs = tabbit-hole). Today Hive Believer has a short article to help you obtain and keep viewers and blog for career and economic benefit.

3 Tips for Successful Blogging

1- Post Consistently: Number one rule of blogging. Decide when and how often you will publish. Once you decide on the day and time that you will post, you must ALWAYS post at that day and time, irrespectively.

"Studies indicate that losing consistency results and loss of viewers" say Bobby Owsinski:
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2- High Frequency: Get regular visitors with frequent posts, and give you a chance to get more readers. Once a month isn't enough, while once or twice a week works in most cases (depending on the topic; a weather blog may suffer with once a week posts).

3- Quality Content: Is it useful to the reader? Quality content is subjective, but is it quality to the reader and subject? Create posts that will ensure that your viewers feel like their time was well spent. Your content doesn't always need to be perfect, but you do need a high success rate.

If you are writing personal journal logs and don't care about your blog's success, then disregard these important tips for successful blogging.... but, most bloggers want to see results. Follow these simple three (3) tips and watch the success of your blog improve.

Side note: Hive Believer will be scheduling two posts a week; one publication will be every Friday (EST) and the second post will be a floater- it could be any day of the week. From here on in, expect two guaranteed publications from Hive Believer each week (maybe more).

Hive Believer is published by @AnaClark, an advertising and marketing grad from Canada. Hive Believe is in support of the Hive ecosystem and all it's amazing content creators.

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