Hi, today someone annoyed me.

Hey, cute kid! Only three things to do, namely playing, snacking and crying. There is nothing in his heart about the cruelty of making money.

Oh yes, this time I will tell you again and for sure you still remember a few days ago with this child. I hope you don't get bored with my story. His name is Azam but sorry I don't know his full name.

I still like children, because joking with children can lighten the heaviness in my heart for a moment. What's more joking with boys, I can joke freely and sometimes I kiss him. It's different when you joke with girls, if you make a little mistake you can say it's harassment.

Actually that's not the only reason, I like to joke with boys. Boy reminded me of wanting to have him again. but my wife's age does not allow.

I could have remarried to have children like him, but I think that's my selfish thought and I don't want to hurt the woman who always gives me support and prayers. And it couldn't be better with what we have, right?

And I don't want to be dragged down because of my own selfish desires. Even though I only have one child, I hope that one day, my child can become a child who is devoted to his parents and has a steady income. And what I know about crypto I will pass on to my son, That's my promise!

For now all I can do is work hard and study and write properly. This time I corrected my writing twice, I want to present my writing in words that are easy to understand.

Eith my job you could say I'm bored and sick of doing it. Just pedaling and pushing the rickshaw and that's what I did for eight years.

In my opinion, it turns out that the child's whining is good for me. Because of his whining I can support my family. But that doesn't mean I have a hobby of crying over children.

What's more to this kid, sometimes I make fun of him. Like this afternoon, he is busy playing with his cellphone and occasionally I press too. He felt a little irritated and hid himself under the table.

Hmmm, apparently he just found out, I can't possibly come under the table. But I'm still not satisfied with it. This is my idea, I took a picture of him playing on his phone.

Thank you for those of you who want to read my story, I wish you good health and longevity, amen.

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