Dear Ghana,

It been six decades ago since your gallant sons fought for your liberation from British imperial rule. Before your liberation, the Aborigines went to London to argue that all unused land cannot be entrusted to the British Crown and so therefore had no right to be custodians of our lands. The made cogent argument and prevented the Crown from usurping our lands. They prevented what is currently happening in East and Southern Africa where Africans do not own lads no to talk about farming on it. They indeed pave the way for the Nkrumah and his people to liberate you from the shackles of colonialism.


Your foremost son, Nkrumah had a plan and a clear policy direction for you and how to your your destiny despite years of slavery and colonialism. In fact Nkrumah was tired with the mass illiteracy, capital flights, racism and lack of Africanization in the governance of you(Ghana). Indeed he wanted you to be free se he can provide quality education, Industrialization, good governance and secure jobs and hope to your children where they'll not see themselves as inferior to the white man, but rather as equals.


But truth be told, apart from your foremost son(Nkrumah), the rest that came after him are bastards masquerading as your sons. I called them bastards because of their attitude towards governance and those who elected them to power. As i write this letter to you mother Ghana, do you know there still schools under trees? Yes i know it'll shock you to the marrow. There are thousands of schools under tress and the educational sector that could have been the driving force for your children to be like the Whites are now a caricature of itself. The bastards i told you about are those in charge with little or no knowledge about education. Teachers who are the fountain of knowledge are treated as third-class citizens with no respect and dignity form these bastards

Dear Obaatanpa Ghana, the agriculture that served as the backbone of the economy is still in its crude form. Your Children who are farmers cannot send their kids to MIT, Oxford, Harvard etc. because the sector is not promising yet, those who masquerade as leaders over us not only can afford to pay higher tuition for their wards, but are wicked enough to destroy the quality of what we have here with try and error policies. Farmers are ageing and the youth are discourage because the sector is not promising looking at the policies in place.

Dear Ghana, Your foremost son(Nkrumah) commissioned the Akosombo dam and within few days cut sod for nuclear energy development where the atom can be harness for good. Despite all this great heights Nkrumah achieved, there is a new lexicon called Dumsor.

Impunity, lawlessness, thievery are now the new lexicon. Your children now embarks on a perilous journey to Europe in search of nothing but hope The resource bequeath to your children has become a curse and a paradox. This curse is not as a results of the quantity and quality of the resource but rather as a results of failed leaders who do not have the nation at heart.

The media that ought to be critical are re-echoing mediocrity where the once barking watch dog has become a guard dog to the upper class. Underdeveloped citizens are now projected as celebrities who are used by the political class to form public opinion and win votes for them. Our airwaves are flooded with political talk shows that brings nothin to the table but a stinking democracy.

The clergy that ought to hammer on societal immorality and corruption are now worse than the people they preach to. They do not preach about corruption on the podium again. They have concertize the people to believe that, their rewards are in heaven yet they themselves do not believe in what they preach.

Dear mother Ghana, I'd like to end here and write to you a again about the hope we have to liberate you once again, perhaps false hope or a hope that would set the tone for development.


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