So unlucky with love...


My friends usually tell me that relationship wasn't my mate but I usually don't believe it until I fell victim but was it really my fault?

I am still yet to recover from the shock and it feels like I am at the edge of losing myself, it is hard to believe that I have wasted the past five years of my life. It better not be so.

I showed her enough love more than I have shown any woman in my life but it still didn't work out, I felt cheated and I think you should hear my story.

I met Sydney at the university gate in 2017, our meeting was a funny one but I believed it was destined. My school doesn't allow just anyhow mode of dress, they ensure that students dress properly on the school premises. It was her first day at school and she didn't understand the rule, I was about to enter the gate when I saw this cute damsel begging the school security to let her in.

Been an old student, I knew most of the guys at the gate because we do gist very well. I interfered and pleaded on her behalf but nothing could be done about it, a law is a law and it can't be broken despite the relationship.

The sad expression on her face touched my heart and I just couldn't walk past her. I had an extra cloth which was my team jersey, we had a match after school. She went on her kneel to thank but I was quick to stop her.

We both went in and this little introduction while I showed her the way to her department for registration, she was moving forward before I remembered we were in the same department, I was in 300 level studying mass communication.

I tried to catch up but she was too fast but I knew she was going to call me for my cloth when she is done. I went my own way and waited for her because I couldn't afford to miss the match happening in the evening between my department and computer science.

Five minutes to kick off, I didn't see her or even receive a call from her. I felt bad helping her, I was left out of the team and I lied that I left the jersey at home because I wasn't feeling fit to play but deep down, I was sad.

Five minutes into the match, I felt a touch on my back and turned around to see who it was, it happened to her. I couldn't even remember her name, she said "I am sorry sir", my bag went missing and I have been going around telling the securities about it but they couldn't do anything about it.

I felt bad she experienced that on her first day, I got tired of the match and left to help her get some cash to go home.

We became friends after she moved to a hostel. We were so close that she comes to my apartment outside the school, life outside was fun compared to staying in the school hostel.

She passes the night for fun and to study but deep in my mind, we were dating. The intimacy was too strong and the only thing we didn't do was sex, I can't count how many times she slept in my arm.

We were together till I graduated and she was promoting to 300 level at that time. I retained my room for her to move in and she moved out of the school hostel, I usually come to spend the weekend with her and I was planning my future with her already in my head.

I was very supportive, I got a good job and made everything very comfortable for her with the hope of getting married to her after she graduated.

I haven't seen a guy around her before and we never talked about it, it was the same for me because I never asked a lady out since I met her.

After graduation, I took her out on a vacation out of the country. She didn't want it but eventually did, I held her hand while we were on the plane and I observed she has an engagement ring.

My system scattered immediately, I asked her and she opened up that her boyfriend proposed to her on the night of the graduation. I wasn't around and it didn't make me experience what happened that day.

She had a lover all this while and I didn't know, I started telling her everything I had in store for her, and she made it clear that I never asked her out.

Does that really matter? I thought the affection and care I have shown were enough to make her understand my feelings towards her, the vacation never happened.

She apologized and I couldn't believe my ears, I wish we could go back in time to confess my feelings but it was too late.

Who is at fault? She is the one right?

She should have told me all the time I was showing her affection or did I make the mistake of not telling her my feelings.

This is a fictional story, I was wondering if such a scenario is possible. I decided to put it into a story since I would only have few words if it was an article.

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