Shocking moments I had with my parents.


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There are a lot of things that happened during childhood and you wouldn't have believed it if someone told you it would happen especially from your parents, these memories don't have to be bad because I know there are good things they have done for us unexpectedly.

Growing up wasn't much fun for me, I have shared my stories severally and there is no point going into that again. I grew up with my mother and that's why she means the world to me.

Despite the love she has for her kids, she wouldn't hesitate to discipline them when they misbehave. My mom was a disciplinary officer, she would go at any length to make us happy but she wouldn't take the slightest of shit from you because she will make us( I and my siblings) understand that we can't allow all her struggles on bringing us up to be put to waste.

She was strict but loving, these made me and my siblings do things with caution around her to avoid facing some disciplinary actions. These things I am about to share were things that really troubled my heart and some even made me thought that I wasn't her child but it was the child that hated punishment that was speaking in me then.


Doubled punishment.

My junior school had lots of fruit trees in the compound and there was a law that the fruits mustn't be plucked during school hours.

On this fateful day, the teachers were having a meeting in the staff room. Been a very naughty boy, I lured some of my friends out of the class.

I convinced them about plucking the fruit since the teachers were too busy to see us and they agreed but unfortunately for us, the meeting didn't last as expected. We were caught and ask to crawl on our knees.

While undergoing the punishment, my mom came into the school premises and I can't remember why she came to school that day. Every teacher knows her to be strict when it comes to her kid's education, she doesn't wait for open days to check our books and she causes problems for the teachers who ain't doing their job well.

She saw me on punishment and ignored me, I kept my eyes open in case she passes again because the school has more than one gate and she did. I quickly called her and told her to help me apologize to my teacher so that they can free me and my friends. She said okay and went back to the teachers, she passed again assuring me that we will be released.

A few minutes later, my friends were told to leave while I was told to stay. The teacher said, " your mom pleaded on your friends behalf and told us to discipline you for disobeying the school law".

I didn't believe my ear, I was mercilessly beaten and when I got home to ask mom why she did that to me, I got another sound slap. I wept badly remembering everything that happened that day and doubt if my mom was my mom.

The female classmates

Another one I could remember clearly was in senior school.

I joined a new school when I was close to writing the West Africa Examination, it is mandatory when leaving secondary school. The old school didn't have approval for the exam and mom wasn't cool with that so she switched me to another school.

On my first day at school, I caught the attention of several girls. They were all around me trying to know me better and I played the cool guys since there was this fair one I couldn't take my eyes away from just for friendship's sake.

After school, four of these girls decided to walk me home which I agreed. I expected them to turn around when we got to the gate but they followed me in, I wasn't cool about that being the first day but I took them in just to show how mature I was even though I wasn't.

I went to get water for them from the kitchen but they were all gone when I came back, I searched everywhere and even checked under the chair, behind the curtain if they were playing some sought of game with me but they were gone.

I gave up and went into my bedroom only to find my mom sitting on my bed, I was shocked because I didn't know she would be home. I greeted her but she didn't respond well, the next thing she did was to ask, "who were those girls?".

I answered and she continued, don't you see they are older than you. Oh so your height is disturbing you, I already sent them away and if I see you going around with girls, you are in trouble.

I was angry because I knew that my news would be on every student's lips, everyone would know that I am just a kid. It happened as predicted and I was ashamed because these girls avoided me but they never told me what my mom said.

After secondary school, she eased her level of strictness towards me but it continued with my siblings. It was then I realized that she was just trying to inculcate some discipline into me.

Those lessons helped me a lot and it is one of the things that helped me to become the silly boy I am today.

Feel free to share your own stories too, it would be great if you tag me so I can get to laugh as well.

Thanks for reading.

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