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Holidays are over again

Yes, we are still here. Lol. I know I have been absent for quite some time but I can explain that very easily! My partner has had a 3-week holiday, not that we have been ON a holiday. No no, we are very busy looking for the right tiles for the garden, and that´s something we really have to tackle before we can even think about going on a holiday. We would like it differently, with much more greenery, but given the problems we both have to deal with, it is much more practical for us to pave our garden so that we ultimately have less work to do in the garden. Our garden is now also paved, but with those ugly, annoying bricks where weeds grow along and under on all sides. So we really need to change that so that it is neat again. Some inheritances from previous owners can be nice, others less so...

Say it in color!

But hey, that's not what we're here for, 😀 We're here for the color challenge!! And that is such a broad range of topics to go to! Which also makes it incredibly fun.

Color is everywhere!

Everyone has something of color in the immediate area, a beautiful flower, or a crazy motorbike that has been spray-painted in colors. Maybe just your new jacket. I dove into my photo albums to pick out a nice color.

Colours of nature, at the ferry nearby Lith

Recently I made a diamond painting of beautiful parrots

very nice white flowers

although it will be a while before Christmas, this is already my Christmas village, with colored lights. And no, this is not in my living room yet

I know, only the top photo is in the contest, but the topic "COLOR" is just TOO fun not to post more photos.

Hopefully, I will soon have more time to tell some more stories and post photos. Now that I have had a phone for a few months that can take really cool photos, I mean of course, I have to take super cool photos, but now I have a phone that has good quality for that. Now it's time to do more with that and tell the stories I've wanted to tell for some time.

I look forward to more colors!

See you all soon!

I hope you enjoyed my little blog and my photos. I´d love to hear from you in the comments below, and never forget to dream in all colors!

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