L2 tokens have a bright future

I feel that the Layer 2 tokens and apps are one the most productive development that is happening in this space. If I remember correctly, Palnet is the first tribe or L2 token that was created that was community-driven. It was initiated because the community wanted it.


These L2 tokens have captured the interest of the community that is why there more and more tokens that are being released that followed Palnet. It is proving to be the better way of building your own community and keep them engaged. The tokenization of community gives it value or the community themselves are the ones giving it value, either way, the value is being created along the process.

It may not be a guaranteed success for every L2 token but it's a good attempt to create value. I see it as a good starting point and it's all to the community on how to create value through it.

What I observe is that the whole community is receptive to these L2 tokens. Especially with the success of LEO, I think that it's fair to look at other tokens to be the next LEO in terms of value. The success of LEO is not a secret. Everything is laid out before our eyes. Even their round-table meetings are recorded in very lengthy videos to make sure that everyone is informed about their plans and the things that they think about.

I feel that their success can be replicated by other Tribes or L2 tokens.

Looking at POB, it looks like it was able to do so at a much faster rate. They made a tweak on the distribution and the community adopted it positively.

Although, POB is still a very young tribe in this L2 space and there is much to prove for it to maintain its value; I think that it garnered enough momentum to propel it to the next level.


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