POBphotocontest New Round: FURNITURE


Today I was sitting on a bench in my garden thinking of a subject for the new round of the #POBPhotocontest.
It's quite difficult to keep coming up with new subjects every time since I want everyone to be able to join the contest and this is already the 37th round.
When I looked down on my simple concrete bench I got it... FURNITURE.

Everyone has furniture. Chairs, cabins, tables, beds. Old or new, modern or classic. And it doesn't even need to be your own furniture. It can be a bench in the park or a table in a restaurant.
As long as it makes a nice photograph. And it also helps when you have a little background information about what we see and why you choose to send in this particular shot.

Good luck everyone!

Everyone can join this contest! It doesn't matter if you're a not a professional photographer with fancy equipment. It's all about the passion for photography! Just be creative and shoot something that will fit the subject of this round!
You can find the specific rules for this contest further on in this post.

The contest ends next Sunday 8:00 PM CEST.
I will personally judge the photos and select 3 winners.
The winners will receive all POB author rewards of this post.



Do you want to get a mention when a new round of the #pobphotocontest starts, just let me know in the comments.

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  • Create a post with your photo
  • Add a (short) description of your photo. What do we see? Where did you take it? Why did you take it?
  • Add the #pobphotocontest tag to that post (this is how I can find all submissions).
  • You can add more photos to that post, but only the first one in your post will be your submission for the contest.
  • Place a link to the post you created in the comment on this announcement post.
  • You can add your image to the comment too.



All the POB tokens this post gets will be distributed among the winners.
The 1st place gets 50%, the 2nd 30% and the 3rd place will get 20% of the POB payouts of the contest post.

So for example; if this post receives 50 POB votes, the pay-out will be 25 POB.
#1 will get 12,5 POB (50%), #2 will get 7.5 POB (30%) and #3 will get 5 POB (20%).


Apart from the POB prizes the winners also get Ecency points generously donated by @good-karma
The winner will receive 100 Ecency points. The 2nd place 50 and the third place receives 25 points.
These points can be used in the @ecency front end to boost or promote your posts.



What is POB?

POB stands for Proof of Brain. Proof of Brain is a community on Hive where you can actually post anything you want. The community has it's own POB token. When you post in the proofofbrain community or use the #POB or #ProofOfBrain tags on your post you can receive POB tokens.
When you stake your POB tokens you will earn curation rewards for voting on POB posts.
Just check out https://hive-engine.com/ how many POB tokens you have.

Not using your POB tokens? Please consider delegating them to my POB account @friendmoose.pob which I'm using to curate POB photography posts.




Photographing is my passion. Although I like photography in general, nature photography is one of my favourite subjects. I often go out with my camera for a hike to capture the beauty of nature.
I'm sharing my photos on Hive, Noise.Cash & APPICS.
I would love to read what you think of my photos in the comments.

Discord: friendlymoose#5717

I also create daily statistics for the Leofinance and ProofOfBrain communities:
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