Dreams are better than what we become

Gone are those days when schools made people great in life, if you could prove it so well, the schools drop out are the ones that are leading the world with their talent, they are the great people we see today, but why? why is this so, that's because those people chase their dreams and forget what people say are the right things for them, they exercise what is in them because that, which is in you, is what will make you great.

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Schools only make a person copy from the things that were relevant in the last few years, the tutors would bring it to you and explain that that is the right path for you to follow and in the end, you find out that it wasn't, when you have rubbish so many times, dreams should develop better, when i had a child, I will train her in the path of her dreams.

Some people's dreams are for business, and when these people go in the direction of business, nothing will stop them from performing excellently, some people's dreams are to be footballers, and once they push themselves towards these ends, nothing will stop them make excellence, for someone not to quickly have an understanding of something, make people face difficulties they shouldn't have face, some people are not living the life they should have lived because no one was there to shine the light on them.

Following a dream is so simple because you would not have to stress a lot because you already have the zeal in you, it would be like a memory verse that you have to remember because you already have it stored in your gene, another difference that we could see in the dream place and activities that we carry out is that of time.

Dreams take little time from the practitioner because all his movements will be the dream, because the dreams lived in him, while the dream you make has to come with different roles and paths, in the sense that each and every day as practitioner, you have to follow it.

Following something required a lot of effort, it's like dragging that thing to get closer to you while it was far away, so these are the mistakes people make, waiting for time while bringing these dreams closer becomes a problem.

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