Worst Answer Competition #5 POB and PIZZA - Worst Video Game Idea

Ok it has been way to long! Sorry everyone work and life has gotten hectic and I have dropped the ball on this!

So this going to be the fifth competition that features both POB and PIZZA prizes! To celebrate SPS blowing up and the new 1UP tribe we are going to ask for the worst video game ideas

So the question is..

"What video game am I going to play?"

Remember we want the worst ideas so please dig deep (or shallow?)! And place your answers in the comments below!


Ok so the prize will be!

1st 6 POB
2nd 4 POB
3rd 2 POB

Also we will now have a bonus prize of 1 !PIZZA for the most creative response, I am talking images, gifs , hikaus I don't really care just go crazy

I will also upvote as many answers as possible and give out some slices of !PIZZA

We will close in 7 days and need at least 3 answers

3 columns
2 columns
1 column