The Power Of Words - How Deep Can It Cut?

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The power of words, how deep can it cut?
Slip right through my bones, no you don't see my wounds.
Rapid and slow, contradictory motions as it pours
Right inside my room, reflecting at it's ruin.
Too personal, you don't see it
So embarrassing, am I the only one feeling it?
I get it, I should learn to handle burns
It's clearer that they don't care as the walls turn…

Have you ever wondered how much damage the words you speak cause?

Of course, at every little argument we find ourselves in, as humans, it's roast or get roasted.

Let's take a picture of a little girl, she's not so attractive, she has flaws, maybe too many of them. She's calm, not the type that loves trouble, hates attention, highly introverted, a whole definition of a weak soul.

Maybe you bumped into her some "unfortunate" day on the streets. Probably she had broken your tablet in the process, and how do you react?

Hang on, here's what I think:

"are you blind? Didn't you see me coming? What is wrong with you? Am sure you can't afford this, I mean look at you, you're looking like a piece of shit, oh, you're literally trash, you're good for nothing, now you've destroyed my tab and I'll be late for my appointment. Thanks a lot looser.

I am pretty sure most people would say even more, the reactions applied these days on minors issues are heartbreaking. It's like we're losing everything to pride, there's just so much wrongs, love and kindness is now as rare as finding rain in deserts.

Though this is not the only instance, from a study field, most teachers condemn kids in the most unusual way, and never do they think how much those words had affected them. And in the open world, we tend to play too much, say too much, and cause a lot of damage with our words.

I was once scrolling through my social media accounts when I noticed a post.

On it, it was written : "and she actually killed herself"

As I dug dip…

Apparently someone made a post online, sometime back, sharing the struggles she was faced with and how it was weighing her down. Basically she was sobbing, not really asking for anyone's help, but a caring approach would have been really lovely for her. But then out of no way, a person dashed out and commented "kill yourself" and then the latter report was that the girl actually committed suicide.

Maybe we do it unintentionally, as a joke sometimes, but not everyone has a sense of humor as we, not everyone has the understanding that it's not deliberate, not everyone can tell whether or not to care.

Amongst us are weak souls, born weak and grew up weak. They really can't decide what's not worth hurting over. Even the strong ones hurt too, in fact they hurt most due to having been too strong for a long time, having endured so much. Words are deadly, the way we vomit our shits and see it, are not the same way another person takes it in.

So then, in arguments it's always advisable to watch the words we use and how we prove our points to win the discussion. And then, in general terms, it is highly recommended that we train our tongues to be gentle and only react with kindness. The cuts words leave could become a forever scar, though we don't realize it most times, but that's the reality.

Hopefully this makes sense…

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