The one everybody hates, is probably the good person

They say a picture speaks a thousands words but I wouldn't want to let it do all the job. Around here is getting creepy, more political and sadly, a lot of people will misunderstand "personal choices" to "taking sides"

You wanna know what the future holds?

An even bias system

I've known Hive to function and benefit based on ones efforts, and I'd say I've put close to zero efforts to even deserve a penny from it. Proofofbrain is no different from it. Yes, we've talked about freedom but people are threatened to be muted, Bla Bla Bla, don't be fooled, it's the same old model the world is running on, just different people this time.

People will hate you when you don't side them

But whatever should you do?

Here's an advice:


People keep saying "the rich keep getting richer" on Hive but hold up, what do you expect?

Better question, why are they rich? And why are you poor? Shouldn't you be thinking of how to get rich and keep getting richer instead of getting annoyed someone else is better utilizing his brain?

I really did think humans are driven by good things to do better, but no, some people just have a problem with everything

What I'm I talking about? I don't even know myself, but if you do, then congratulations, you're less dumb than everyone thinks. 🙂

Advice to the newbies around is: stick to what brought you here, your goals first before anything else, don't get entangled in the webs created by others to catch fun.

Remember you're poor, get rich first before becoming arrogant

That's a grand shit, peace :)

No hate

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