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I planned writing and publishing this post yesterday but then I had some setbacks. However, after seeing this post from @proofofbrainio concerning delegations and all the drama that's all been in here, I had to voice out what I've been thinking.

Few days ago, I saw the supposed post from the newest pob investor, only to see yet another post from the same person bad talking his investment choice, now that's stupidity, and I don't really give a fuck who he is or what he thinks. Not gonna tag him as though you all already know, this post Will have more of nothing to do with him anyways.

Moving on.

I have this Facebook account with a ton of friends, actually, I have so many writers as friends. It isn't so easy to motivate people to join the block space and begin writing. First of all, Hive is really complicated so it would take a very long time to get people to understand everything, and although one ( which is myself) could travel that miles to educate them, I wouldn't really have everything to support them all!

Yes, I own over 3k POB stake, bought from the general market and a few from P2P and also a few from posting here. That's quite a motivation looking at the fact that pob has been earning tractions. With my stake, I could support just about 5 people with a 100% upvote once daily, twice if they commit enough to publish more often, sometimes I dig their comments as well. 100% because that would be just about 5 pob right now (with only about 50% goes to them) and that amount overtime would accumulate into something tangible, so as a new user earning twice a day from my vote, he/she could earn just above 150 pob in a month.

One of my favorites out of the numbers that are beginning to commit, and the ones that have left is @edystringz. She has really surprised me, her success on the platform makes me want more people with that energy of hers here.

That Said, everyone knows that to be able to operate on this block space, one will need to have some Hive power. So how then can we keep onboarding more people when we can't fuel their accounts to operate? Imagine I could refer a hundred people, then I'd have to delegate 50 Hive power to all hundred, that would mean that I need 5,000 Hive and lol, I may run out of all my crypto investments buying Hive for this purpose.

I suggest that @pob-fund account starts disposing pob into the markets at a "fair" price that would never create a downtrend on the price value. Frequently, maybe in differences of two days (or even everyday, I mean it's not like the amount will be wiped off the supply, it will still be distributed back to the users and that's through selling), @pob-fund could publish a "fund post" so the community can vote so that account gets to receive more pob to sell for Hive (this will also make the market more active for people always looking out for some pobs to grab). Other members can as well create a post and set @pob-fund as 100% beneficiary. (in fact, I will personally keep burning 1 pob to promote fund posts with #pob-fund so more people can see it, if this idea is taken in, I'll be sure to follow that tag frequently) By regularly doing this, the Hive that will be accumulated can further be transferred to @proofofbrainio account, powered up, and here comes the second suggestion:

@amr008 had made a post some time ago analysing the votes of @proofofbrainio account, and it was observed that the account does not use up its maximum vote value for more rewards. While that is initially a good thing, at this point, after seeing how @proofofbrainio account was downvoted to a negative reputation, it means that none of us posting through is safe. We may end up being downvoted as well. So to counter that, and in turn increase the reputation of people posting through, it is advisable that @proofofbrainio maximizes his votes everyday! Half of his curation rewards can be powered up and half should also be deposed into the market for Hive. There's a need to sell tokens, I really don't see it as a big deal. Overtime, @proofofbrainio account would accumulate just enough Hive to support posts on the frontend, thereby not only providing it's community members with pob but also Hive votes. This way they get to earn both, and the chances of spending both is rare, so that's a double win if you know what I mean.

To summarize this whole thing that may be boring to some but I sure hope you see my point. @proofofbrainio account will likewise have enough Hive stake to delegate to new members. If there's a way to automate the process of delegating to persons that sign up through then that would be great. Or if someone like myself were to refer people, I would direct them to create an introduction post, tagging @proofofbrainio account and a Hive delegation will be sent their way, which can be removed maybe after two to three weeks.

Peace :)

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