How Desperate Are You For Fame?

Well, this is something quite debatable, but generally not so many people admit to actually desiring those spotlight of being acknowledged as a famous person.

You see there's just so much one can derive from watching movies, most times directors or movie producers, do pass across so many tangible messages, and even more unintentionally. I watched the movie titled "Guns Akimbo"

I feel like this shit was one hell of an entertainment. It had comedy, drama, love? Yea, a bit just there, it had action and just so much dark humors, I finna congratulate the script writer or writers for an excellent work.

Miles who happened to be the protagonist here was a tech nerd. He dreamt of being a superhero, just that fantasies of a famous savior of the world, lol. But in reality he was just a tech guy, just him and his stupid computer knowledge, whereas he was only functional on keys and nothing more.

After going half was through this movie, I realized something really crazy, which actually took me back to revisiting my old desires and how they were somewhat messed up.



How Desperate Are You For Fame?

The universe is one crazy black hole as it already is. I don't think it needs any more damages to be labeled messed up, it already is, and there's just so many things contributing to this disaster.

OH, look at this

Human Desire : Usual Disaster

Quite a rhyme right?

We most times desire things that really aren't relevant, we want it all, maybe just because it looks good, or because that's what everyone else wants.

Miles wanted fame, and his dying desire for attention almost ended his fucked up life. Apparently he went on the "Skizm's" website and picked up a conversation that almost washed him off.

He was being a fuck boy, so he became one eventually, but then he admit he doesn't want it after all.

The Skizm was some shit streaming website that practically covered humans, criminals to the exact, fighting and murdering themselves, and Miles got himself involved by mistake, ended up getting the fame he wanted but didn't quite love it after all.

The morals I picked from this was just about that. Just as we desire to have a lot of money, we may end having it but then wish we hadn't. We desire to be in the spotlight, we want fame, but Miles got it and practically wished it was just a dream. Well, ironically, it was a dream, so you quite grab the Paradox there?

He dreamed of fame, he got it, then he wished it was a dream. Haha, his dream became a nightmare when it actualised.

Not everything on earth is worth having, there's just so many irrelevant things humans desire, that's not how human demands on earth overly out plays supply. We have them in small quantities, the whole world wants it, then when it gets too few, they find out it's actually useless or a nightmare, they regret it, some practically publish their disappointment, but that really doesn't stop the unending desire.

In a world as these, everyone is practically an infant, don't see yourself to be all grown up, because every new second is a new session of life, and you're new to that session and that makes you a total newbie in that time frame. Making it to the next second, you basically have a new childhood span to live through, it just continues, but we never notice that we all really ain't above nothing, everything is basically above us.

Life only gets more clearer as time goes on, oh wait, it also gets even complicated, and that's the imbalance we perceive that is actually the definition of "nature is Supreme"

We can never really grasp the full context, there's always so much more…

In the end, most things don't matter

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