Dying To Get Wet - Definition Of A "Piece Of Shit"

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OK, I did promised myself never to spit another shit about movies, but just somehow, I manage to be my same old self one more time. So hehe, here I am.

If I didn't already have the full film of my entire shitty life replaying daily, I would just award this shit of a film the shittiest shit my butt hole has never seen, and I've been down there.

OH look, here I am trying to be funny right? You should probably grab yourself some French fries, a ketchup, get your girlfriend over, put on your damn screen and watch "Dying To Get Wet"

For Starters, sorry about the header image, it has nothing to do with this wasted day of mine that am trynna tell you all about. I just found it laying around and it seem really shitty, so hell yeah, I thought why not use it? I mean I own my blog though.

But just imagine being in such situation, like how the heck are you gonna kiss her good and not let her hair get wet, but actually get her wet?
Fuck right?

To Be Clear,

This is a not so great movie to watch.

Hang on, let me get a few shots over, since this movie seems not so popular, so couldn't find any internet photos, so that proves how shitty it really is...



I am not quite sure what whoever the fuck created this movie was thinking, but am quite sure that the directors and camera men were super good and quite good handling oppression.

Just maybe this movie really wasn't put out there to teach any specific lesson because, it's basically just about teens partying at the beach and then boom a bunch of deadly baby fishes begins to eat them all up.



OK this was irritating, but trust me when I say there are worst scenes. You know I really do feel to applaud the markers of this movie because the film tricks are top notch, I mean everything looks so real, like fuck it Americans are crazy at these shits. Also, to add to the perfection of this movie edit, which I feel the only moral here is "as a teenager don't go partying at the beach"

Yea it's dumb to think of it, but nevertheless, don't go watching this movie if your eyes can't behold phonography because this shit is basically a "low key" phonographic film.

That's where it got its stupid "dying to get wet" name from after all.

So with all due shitty respect,

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