Dreams, Chaos, Glitters

Transgressing reasonable limits; all up in my hotel room

I tried so hard not to talk about this, but I get excited still to share my little experience, I mean just in case I become a rapper tomorrow, I can boldly sing "been to jail and back" and it wouldn't have to be a lie :)

It started off as a thought, she wanted privacy, I wanted her happiness, ain't too much to ask for, neither was it too much to grant. So it only took me a single transaction to get everything set up. The hotel room was paid for, room 001 precisely, so it's probably the first room to come across if you guessed right. This is not the first time or our first time lodging in this hotel actually, but this happens to be the only time something "outrageous" happened, I mean except us being up in each other's pants (only in our minds dumbass :))

At about 12pm on Sunday June 6th, 2021. I called my Wildflower from my hotel room, she was at home, just returning from church and was just stacking up a few things, oh, also fixing herself a lil meal as though she's quite a hungry bag, that regardless of knowing just how much we're still gonna eat later on, she still had to fill herself from home, sometimes I wonder what the space in her tommy amounts to, and she's not even fat (which is something I find sexy:D)

So, if my old brain quite recalls, she got over to the hotel at about 2pm. So we were just all up in ourselves, trynna make the moments worth living. A couple of things we did was talk, go for a walk, buy some new clothes, buy food, some ice-creams yea, and head back to the hotel, eat up, watch a movie, be in up ourselves again, and then, it was about time to find yet another reason to hate this country over again!

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Knock, Knock, Knock. As calm as the writings may seem, the knocks were more of a bang on our hotel room door. I quickly got up, reached to the door handle, placed my fingers on the keys, spun it unlocked and had the door open.

OH Hello, there are some fuckin officers in my hotel room. One black and the other fair, both looking so unattractive, I can't quite remember if they were handling guns as though everything felt like a joke to me, I could be trippin to give a fuck about those people. Truth be told, if I didn't have a lot of responsibility to take care of, it would have been my first time to insult the hell outta these men's, right to their fuckin faces.

Apparently, we were suspects, but whatever were we suspects for? These foolish and hungry men couldn't tell. I don't know if they weren't ashamed to milk money from us, I mean they were way older than us, so ain't we the ones who are supposed to milk them?

I've seen and read a lot about police brutality, heard a lot about fake arrest, and I've also heard a lot about innocent people being killed just because they couldn't defend themselves. My girl tried not to follow them, but that's impossible no matter how well of the law you know, your rights mean absolutely nothing, so beware, that the police is not your friend!

We were arrested and taken away from the hotel which wasn't right in the first place! The hotel owners have to grant an arrest permit before you can take anyone away from there, but these guys broke those laws and went up to invade privacy, took us out of comfort and threw us into a pit of a jail.

Previous night, my girl had a bad dream, it was all chaos, but in reality, I wasn't a fan of superstitions or even someone that cares or gives a fuck about what images my brain generates at night. I was sure to have a glittery day, she as well didn't think anything of this nature could have happened, but it did, lol, I could only laugh about it…

In the questioning room, where we were supposed to give a statement concerning the arrest that no real time reason was given. Something happened, you see while still trying to find out the reason we were being taken off at the hotel, I did manage to dial a number on my phone, it was my Sister's digits, it rang and she picked up, but the police snatched the phone from me, but didn't actually hang up, quite the stupidity in people who are supposed to be wise. So all through the struggle, arrest, drive through to the station, and a bit of the questioning room conversation were recorded! My sister, after hearing strange voices in the background, quickly recorded it. The so-called detectives were fools, going around with guns all up in their trunk, arresting innocent people just to get money from them for bail. After writing down our statements, we were locked up.

Wait Wait, flash back:

Three guys were arrested alongside us, but not from the hotel, actually on the street. These guys were just sitting on their front porch and as the police drove through, they arrested them saying they were making suspicious movements.

Thankfully my girlfriend and I weren't locked up with criminals, but everyone we were locked up with were all potentially innocent and had committed no offense!

The jail wasn't a pleasant place to be though, I know how better I would have slept in my hotel room but these guys had to deprive me of a happy sleep. I couldn't sleep all night, the floor was dirty, the air was polluted, also, the weather was so cold but notwithstanding, I assured my girl we will be out in the morning as though my sis had listened to all the drama on the phone.

We got out in the morning, crashed to a restaurant, had some food, crashed back to the hotel, got our things, got an apology from the hotel owners and headed back home.

There's no security in the country, the people who are supposed to protect us and have our best interests at heart are the same people persecuting us for doing absolutely nothing! It is so bad that I couldn't tell these humans the exact truth. Being so young and lodging in a hotel, leaving so expensive was what I believed really prompted the arrest. They found out we had the money so they couldn't possibly let us go. But what happened that really got me laughing was when the policeman asked what I do for a living. I told him I was only a student and a part time blogger. That was actually true but when he asked how much I earned in a week I was like $20 so in a month $80. Lol, I earn more than that from my curation on proofofbrain and even more if I were consistently blogging, and also even more when I feel like trading. But I couldn't possibly tell them the truth, that would make them want to charge me more based on my pocket weight.

That's how bad it is, outrageous!

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