Can I Celebrate My Birthday Here?


I don't even own this image, xd

Well, it's 29th June and guess who's birthday it is?

Actually, I call it "the day I was forcefully thrown into this world" πŸ˜’

No one told me I was going to earth, not even my so called guardian angel, so you see, they all conspired and without my knowledge, innocent me was sent down here. Don't even get me started with where my rocket landed, I wouldn't have a problem if I landed on an island, but then, I landed where I am that I'd rather not talk about.

look how cute he is in that silly hat πŸ™

Some people wonder why I don't celebrate birthdays, like I gotta order shits and get all my shitty pals come around and make a mess then punch me on the shoulder and say "good stuff bro, happy womb escape"

I didn't escape shit, I was dragged down here and I refuse to order, lol, I am still in bed typing this right now, ain't no party in the hood today, you all stay at home, oh, and, get a life, because, (see next image)

it's that sad shit

One second "you're a kid" and the next "you're all grown up" but darling, growing up doesn't mean you shouldn't give me money, why ever do parents stop spoiling their "grown ups" with pocket cash often πŸ˜’

We still love getting those few dollars for sweets, so if growing means I gotta stop having fun and feeling good, then you all may as well keep it, i ain't crave such nonsense.

Nop, it's just my hungry ass

My baby is at work, I am at home, the kitchen is filled with everything except cake, and like I said, I really won't be orderly shit

Surprise Contest?

Here's what you have to do to WIN

Write your guessed answers to the questions below:

  • What's my favorite Color?
  • What's my favorite word?
  • Who's my favorite author on proofofbrain?
  • Do I love food or not?
  • Am I lazy?
  • When is my birthday :)
  • Do I hate my birthday?
  • Who's my favorite person in life?

Please note, family and friends are not allowed to participate, lol, yes, they know themselves :)

I suppose this is a very easy one, so it shouldn't take so long to drop your answers.

The Prizes are:


1st Place Person to guess the most shit about ME (25 POB)

2nd Place Person to guess the most shit about ME ( 15 POB)

3rd Place Person to guess the most shit about ME (10 POB)

And that's it, prizes will be shared tomorrow, I can't guarantee another post about it, so you'd likely get a tag in the comment section of this post, or however I feel about it, lol, I mean it's my birthday, I do what I like πŸ™‚

that's the birthday boy waiting for your wishes

Thanks to those that have already wished me, more bitcoins to your wallets😊

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