A Rich Man's Asset Is His Ego - why would you wanna take that away?

They say a coin is two-faced and useless, but is it the only two-faced useless thing on earth? In a judgmental world, there's no such thing as the rights and wrongs, because everything is two sided, to a certain class of humans it may be righteous, but to another, it could be deemed evil. This is nature, it applies to everything.

I bet everyone would love to hop out of cool cars, wearing expensive diamonds, smart sneakers, looking all fancy and stuff. Own mansions and yea, just have that financial status that allows you to be whoever you want to be. With this quality comes a responsibility, there's an attitude to be worn, and to the world, it's often not acceptable, especially to the unachieved.

Ego, basically, is one's self importance. To some beauty is what makes them stand out, and to some money is their make over, that's what creates a "relevance" and self worth amongst others, so why should another be upset about that?

Young MA once said in her lyrics : "You look good but if you're broke then, That's a bad look"

While that may sound totally irrelevant to most people, on second thoughts, have you ever wondered why the Rich walk with their shoulders high?

Everyone started somewhere, had to go from dirt to abundance, and in this abundance they are proud to have traveled this far.

A man will always wanna put out conversations on topics that make him relevant, so if a person has money, don't you think it will be their favorite topic?


With Riches Comes an Ego - Nature, regardless of who made it!

Easier said than done. Hello, I am Mike, I promised my girlfriend I ain't dirty, and I could never kiss her or touch her ass till we married. Two weeks later in my room ( hey baby your ass is really soft)

HOW did that happen?

It's simple, I Mike, only believe I couldn't touch a girl's ass because I've never been presented with the opportunity. Better to be experienced first before making promises.

A lot of people believe they'd be better humans being rich, saying they'd never let pride take over. But the truth is, it's easier said than done, because even when you don't intend to brag about it, it happens naturally.

A Rich Man's Asset Is His Ego - why would you wanna take that away?

You see Ego as a bad thing? You call it pride?

Well, OK!

I call it self importance…

I mean you all see it OK when someone says am proud of you, but then, when I say "am proud of myself" you all got a problem with that? Really?

Why can't we give ourselves the treatment, and praises we give others? Why should our body be cheated?

The money is what the rich are proud of, their Ego(self importance) lies in those currencies they be counting up.

Everything on earth is two-faced, on one hand, it's a good thing, on the other, it's a bad thing. So in a real sense, nothing and no one is righteous or doing the right thing! What if being humble is an Ego? You doubt? Are you ever proud of knowing you're humble, always laying down for everyone else? Of course, it's the self importance you wear, your sense of humility is also an Ego.

So at the End, it's basically pointless, Ego or no Ego, pride is the slightest credit you give to yourself, the volume at which it's given doesn't matter, everyone will be judged by the sin committed, not by the number of times sinned!

Peace :)

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