A Quite Place.... 🤫

Not to sound dumb or shitty, better still "dumbshit" but have you ever wondered what a movie would be like if it had no one talking till the very end?

Well, I haven't, but then, ever wondered what the world looks and feels like to deaf people?

Now you're there! Picture the world in the eyes of a deaf person, just don't use their ears, you know, cause you won't hear shit.

Bryan Woods, Scott Beck and Krasinski, all three heads came together to create something similar to "a world through the eyes deaf men" that's to the viewers as though the characters weren't speaking, it was as if I was watching a mime act out. I personally think it was a work of art, in the sense that it was unique, far different from other movies I've wasted my time on. Well, these days I won't be wasting my time on movies, I mean I'm sure gonna watch them, but then, instead of keeping it to myself, I'll come over here to say a few things about it. That way it's totally not wasted, because who knows whenever someone might be going through Google and stumble on my shit, I sure hope they have a good laugh going through them :)

It was a certain morning, I got up as usual, even though some people thought I wouldn't make it past the night but surprise! I did. Seriously, people have to stop thinking that, because I still have millions of movies to watch and trillions of words to vomit from my silly mouth.

I picked up my phone because I'm used to it. I like never watch TV again, been a while I actually gave attention to the big screen, I usually stick to my baby devices. So, I hopped on this certain telegram group which is no longer in existence. I guess the owners got tired of managing it.


So I stumbled on "A Quiet Place"

I have a soft spot for Horror movies, if it ain't horror I ain't interested. Well, the only other genre I'm interested in is romance and grown up comedy series, that shit hits hard, talk about "how I met your mom" shit, now I just remembered the only TV series that used to get me on the front seat in the living room.

Sorry for digressing even though I know I don't owe you an apology, but still, sorry, but if you laughed, then the sorry ain't meant for you so give it back 😒

Prrrf, I just used an Emoji, that was quite unprofessional, oh, shoot, I'm on proofofbrain so I guess my shits are welcome, don't mean to write like "too serious" folks from our mother land "Not Hive" ;)


so, a quiet place is a horror movie as mentioned before. It centered on a family that lived in the woods, they were living in total bondage as though they couldn't speak, sing or play. So asically they couldn't have fun or enjoy their lives.


Well, as expected, every horror movie has a creepy creature causing havoc, that's what brings the horror anyway. The said creature would come out to hunt anything whenever a sound is made. So if you speak, the creature will hear you, come over and eat you, night night.

Trust me, it's more interesting than I can make this post give credit to it.

Talk about horror, I think the level at which it was applied was quite OK. The family lost one child but another was born at the end of part one. I recently stumbled on part two on YouTube yesterday night but I was too sleepy to watch, so maybe I'd give it a try tonight.

You may as well join me, for now, I'll not say anything more, I don't wanna be a spoiler, but next shot, I'll say every shit I can remember.

Peace :)

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