Hallo hive family,
Today l feel good to share with you my 3 month experience on hive, and l believe you will learn from my mistakes and will also be encouraged or inspired by my achievement in the past 3 months.


My Mistakes
Beloved my mentor had told me so much about hive, it was a hard thing for me to do base on my past experiences, l didn't respond to him in a long while, unknown to me that the more l prolong, the more time was fast running 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 l procrastinated for about 4 months but l was whiling away time, as at then my garyet were in good condition (my smart phone and laptop) but while l was making plans to finally accept to join, l first missed my laptop, it was stolen, then a week later my smart phone was also stolen so l had no option than to forget about it.

2 month down the line, weariness began to set in, business was no longer as usual so l came to my mentor, after we got talking, he offered me his laptop and gave me daily Free internet service


I began to subscribe to communities as l went through their condition, followed persons and as well make comments on people post,
Downvote of people's post

I thought l knew much but before l realized I had began to downvote peoples post, l was thinking I was doing great, see my foolishness.
After doing that to some post, l was notified by my mentor and some good minded hive friends.

Muted in a community

Again l have also been muted in a community for not adhering to the stipulated rules in the community, and that happens to be one of the community l have so love 💕 and wanted to engage, now as l speak, l can't be effective in that particular community.

Used someone image without the sources
I had known that the image should be sourced but in my curiosity to achieve my goal for the day, l ended up publishing the post without a sources, l slept off because it was at night, when l woke up on the morning, I received an update from hive watcher, then my mind began to calm.

Making post and tagging community without related contents
I did not really have understanding on how and who to tag, so l made a post that was not relating to the content that should be posted on the sportstalksocial community and l was heavily downvoted .


  • I join hive with no idea on content creation, but today l can boldly say that l have so develop my writing skills.

  • Again l have met with people, share with their thoughts and mindset on life, love, work, investment and money, l never knew much about digital currency but in the last three months my mind have been shifted and so blessed

  • my reputation grew so fast from 25 to what l have now which is 54.7 and am on my way to the next level.

  • l started with no smart phone and now l can boldly tell the world 🌎 that hive have partispated in giving me a new smart phone of my choice, am no longer borrowing but now an owner.




Someone will ask did you really start in July?, Yes l did and now the available result And testimony have convinced many to join hive, personally l have been able to sign up for over 5 newbies and many are about to join.
I want to say thank you to you all for standing by me, for your support, inspiration, encouragement and team spirit, l can't say l got here all by myself, thanks for seeing beyond my weakness and mistakes. Bless you, l solicit for more of your support inspiration encouragement and commitment. @ekotmordemy

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