I'll be taking 7 days break from HIVE

I just discovered July is over, and August is here. There has been a lot of hype about this month in terms of cryptocurrency, and I am secretly hoping it will live up to everyone's expectations.

I woke up this morning, feeling very tired, my body secretly wants to be lazy. She wants to lay on the bed all day, reading stories without lifting a finger. She is screaming, "Edy, c'mon, let's be lazy for 7 days, and see what happens"

I bet you, the feeling is nice, I am already imagining the things I would be doing in seven days if I ain't online, or working hard on anything.

My body wants me to stay home, for 7 days, no classes, no writing of posts, no comments, no curation.

While I was thinking it through, I discover there is just one place I could be, and every iota of lazy ideas my mind can come with can be implemented.

It's going home to mum and dad. Yes, you heard me. I am a tiny lady who asked to be allowed to find her path, and once I left the teens, my dad agreed.

I was able to convince him by working very hard and raising the money I needed as proof that he doesn't have to worry about me, because, I will be okay. He had already instilled the hardworking spirit in all of us, and so when he saw a carbon copy of who he is, he decided there was no point holding me back.

When I tell people, I stay alone, they usually have to first look at how tiny I am, and then, show disbelief that a father would allow a young lady away from his eyes.

I try not to explain to them that when the scripture said, "Train up a child, in the way, he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it", it wasn't a lie.

They think that every child who leaves home always ends up becoming wayward, and that leaves a bad print on the name of the family, they came from.

In my case, it was different. I grew up under strict parents, and they cautioned all my actions with love. And I accepted and learned everything they taught with love.

Although I am away from them, I find out that everything they taught me still remains with me. I find it difficult to stray, and I don't know why. Yes, I do, I am fulfilling the scripture, I guess.

Telling you about my childhood will be the story for another day. Today, I want to tell you how my body feels about this week and this month.

So, when she said, "let's go home" she understood that at home, I will not have to do anything. Spending time with my family makes time go faster. Since I am always away for a while, I usually return with lots of jokes, information, and experiences to share with everyone.

So, if I had allowed my body to detect my activity for this week. All I would have been doing may have been, watching Nickelodeon with my kid brother (yeah, I am still a child at heart), gisting mum about life away from home, arguing and sharing discoveries about Hive, POB with my brother and my sister, eating, and sleeping, and of course, missing my phone.

It would have been fun, I guarantee it. But I have lots of things to do. Last month had been great, I did make lots of decisions that, I am sorry, I cannot share with you, but, they were decisions that build my confidence level in myself.

Hello, August

For August, I am willing to go all the way, making sure I show up every day, ranging from posts, comments, etc. I will not allow my body to feel lazy about any of these things, especially, if she is trying to do so in a selfish way.

For you, reading this, I hope to see you take up your pen, and let's fill this platform with wonderful thoughts in the form of posts and comments.

And don't forget to participate in the word of the week, "Spectrum" The price is juicy, trust me.

It's going to be one long August, but, I'll make sure that I make the most of everyday and every opportunity..... I hope that you will too.

oh no! The title was a bait.... ouch.... I am sorry 😆

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