How often do you write? Stop showing your writer’s block cards, do this instead!

Did you know that the claims of having writer’s block are an excuse for not doing your work? Yes, you cannot have your blog on the platform up and running effectively, if you keep coming up with excuses. You need, no, you have to put in the work.

Relying on those moments when your creative mind begins to work will make your blog starve from lack of content. It will also be difficult to build an audience or become an authority if there is no consistency on your part.

Creative writings do not come with effortless inspirations alone, you have to nurture them. Go ahead and introduce a system that allows magic to happen whenever the spark isn’t there.

Stop pulling your writer’s block card and dive into your genius self every time you need it by doing all of the following;

Develop a memory Muscle

Have you ever heard that creativity is a muscle? Well, it is. You have to stretch this creativity muscle by setting up a time in the day that you write. Most people are creative in the morning, others at lunch, and some during dinners.

There are also people who are creative when they just finish seeing a thought-provoking movie. Then, there are those who tune into their creative minds while listening to a song, a podcast, or during conversations.

In this regard, always tune in to these times, and let our brain know that once that happens, it is time for business. Once you stretch your memory muscles in this manner, you will be surprised at the tons of content you will be able to churn out every day.

Set and meet deadlines

Learn to set deadlines, it makes you accountable to yourself. Do well to treat deadlines as important, and try not to make any excuses.

Free write often

For this exercise, set a timer, and write until it stops. As you do this often, you will begin to write past the timer, and that is a good thing.

Be sure to change venues every now and then

Do not be caught sitting at the same place every day to write. It mars creativity. Once in a while, find a new place to write, so your brain can be tricked to do better. It could an open field, a nature park, a coffee shop, your garden, etc.

Edit Later

Initially, you do not have to be perfect as you write. Just keep writing everything as they flow. Then leave it and return to it for editing. When you try to correct phrases, and sentences as you write, it will slow you down. And you may likely forget those beautiful ideas your brain was generating.

Give yourself and your brain a break

Did you see the way your voting power works? If you overwork it, it drains, and the value diminishes. The same thing happens with your brain. It is best that you do not wear it out. Give it a break by going for a walk, sitting out, reading a book, exercising, etc. It will make your work seem effortless.

How often do you write? Do you think you have enough brain to beat your writer’s block at its game? Let me know in the comment box

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