Do you love science fiction too? Let's dive into your imagination

Initially, I used to think all the film tricks that happen in science fiction movies were real.

Until I got interested in learning Artificial intelligence as part of my Computer Course, there, my teacher explained that most of them aren't in existence yet.. it is just a broad look into the future through imagination.

Even after I found out about it, I was still very much intrigued by them. The ability to use time machines to go back and forth life sounded interesting.

Return to your past using a Time Machine

You know it makes me wonder if one can go back in time and change some of the things, they regret doing or enjoyed doing.

Now, I remember a time travel articles article ten by @minepoly for a certain word of the week(paradox). The changes that occurred in that time travel wasn't a good one but was very funny.

Johnny, the character who was angry about being duped by his friend went back to time and cut off the fingers that programmed his means of earning, yet, duped him. When he returned, what he got wasn't anything to write home about.

So, my imaginations are always stopped in their tracks when I remember that once we alter something in the past or future using time machines, it changes everything, and such change may not be what we wanted or expected.

Moral lesson: we should watch the decisions that we make today, so we don't have to look for means to change them tomorrow, thereby, escalating the damage, instead of resolving them.

The next part of science fiction movies that intrigues me is extraterrestrial life.

Have you seen an Alien today?

I often love this part the most because I am always amazed by how an extraterrestrial life had abilities and intelligence that we can explore and use to our advantage as humans.

I imagine dissecting their brains, running them through the microscope, and finding exploitable facts, and information.

We could use their knowledge to advance our planet faster and efficiently. We wouldn't be doing a trial and error, because they already have past experiences.

What we will be getting, will be a laid down manual highlighting cause and effect, and the safety procedures needed to ensure a fast spread of civilization for humanity.

What about space exploration, colonization, and war with extraterrestrial life?

War with humans

We already know someone who is doing space exploration, so I do not need to get into all the details. However, I want you to imagine the eruption of war between humans and extraterrestrial beings....who do you think will win?

Do not forget the movies portrays extraterrestrial lives as intelligent creatures, and most of the movies I have seen do a good job of making them surpass us in wit and war planning (until the end of the movie though).

Fight to death

So, if it's happening, it means the humans will have to suffer in their hands first, then, being humans created to be in charge of all other beings in the universe, we will double-cross them, and take over our earth, sending all of them back to whatever planet they came from......(such a hilarious imagination for a tiny lady 🤣)

Now, this is the part, I have no idea if it's kick-starting already... someone should tell me if it is. I am talking about advanced technology such as cyborgs or robots and artificial intelligence.


I can be very lazy, and when I think of robots, I think of them as creations that I can have at home to send them on errands.

Imagine having a programmed robot that can cook, do the dishes, and clean the house. That means extra time on my hands to look into more productive things.

Even though the world is saying robots may turn into tigers and try to destroy their creators, I don't want to imagine the worst-case scenarios....not at all.

I try to keep my imagination to the positive attributes of having robots around the world in various industries, doing the things humans can do, yet, not interfering with our lives, negatively.

Teleportation....who wants to teleport to another country? Raise your hands 🙋.

Let's go see the world

This is another part of science fiction that interests me. I can go anywhere by boycotting the charges and security checking associated with airports and transportation agencies.

I apologize in advance because for this part, I'll imagine the bad things instead of the good ones.

I see those who are into illegal business using teleportation to ship illegal goods into the country.

They will be able to bypass every form of security checking and run underground businesses away from the eyes of the security personnel.

Nope, they won't get caught...don't imagine it because I know, codes can be created that can take into account those tiny details that could prevent anyone from finding no getting caught.... except someone in the circle gets intoxicated by hatred and envy, and leaks the resources to the police.

There are more things to talk about, and crazy stuff to imagine about them. You will also find my imagination in bioengineering, cybernetics, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity, etc.

There are vast opportunities in artificial intelligence, and science fiction has done a great job bringing them into the light.

I just can't wait to finish my Artificial intelligence classes and drilling...I imagine being one of the humans that will revolutionize the world with just a few lines of code.

I cannot wait to explore these zones, I am hoping that the knowledge of computer programming will help me achieve this. By bringing some of the author's imaginations into life in a positive way.

What do you think?

Good morning from this part of the world 🥳

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