Do you believe in destiny?

You wouldn't think things happen for a reason, would you? Are there circumstances that we cannot control no matter how hard we try? What do we do in such situations?

I remember reading @alekst7 post two months ago, and he tried to explain what we should do when faced with circumstances beyond our control.


I did learn one lesson, and it was the fact that he said since we can't change most of the things that happens to us, we shouldn't sit back and question nature or God, instead, we should look out for what we can do about the events.

This means we can't change the things that happens to us but we can change our attitude towards it.

I have read the book, The Godfather, by Mario Puzo, three times, and every time, the message stays the same. Don Corleone always believed that a man has only one destiny. It doesn't matter how long it takes for it to form, and be established, it will always come to be.

Does that mean one who is meant to die by air will always do so? Does that mean one who is destined to govern the states is the one governing? Maybe.

Doris Day sings the song, Que Será, Será, translated to mean, "whatever will be, will be". And it boils down to the same context.

I am moved to ask, what happens to the part where the scripture says, "for whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap"?

Isn't that supposed to be mean that we live by the results of all our actions? Doesn't that prove we are the author of our destiny?

As it stands I am console by the fact that @alekst7 had also shared his experience with these kind of situation. He said 👇👇

I've tried all of these approaches in my life.
I tried to completely control my life, but I often acted stupid and irrational things for no apparent reason. I was disappointed in life, not finding meaning in it, and letting things go «on their own». I selflessly gave myself up to trust in God, His will and grace, but sometimes God's silence drove me crazy..
And I came to the conclusion that this is only partly true.
In part, we ourselves can control what happens to us.
Partly, some force beyond our control determines our lives.
And sometimes reality is absolutely indifferent to us. And then there are accidents and coincidences.

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You see, a lot of us have tried all approaches to live. We sometimes decide to leave it to fate, other times, we take actions by ourselves. Most times we make mistakes and learn from them. Every single time we question which path is the right one to follow.

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