CCC's Street Art Contest # 190

There is a contest by @digi-me about street art.
To participate, you have to make a post about street art and publish the photos there.
You should also mention where they were taken.
The title should say "CCC's Street Art Contest".
Then put the link to the post under the contest and add a picture.
It's best to read the rules again beforehand at @digi-me .

Here is my entry for this week:

On Sunday I was out and about again in our city center in Augsburg and saw this graffiti.
I find the picture very funny. However, I've already had a few thoughts about whether I should post it. LA07 stands for a fan group in Augsburg that I don't necessarily like. They call themselves FCA fans, but many of them aren't really.
LA is supposed to be called Legio Augsburg and they are somehow part of the Ultra fans. I assume that unfortunately there are also rioters among these LA supporters who don't belong in stadiums.

But there will probably also be normal fans among them.

But I find the graffiti quite funny. So I'm taking part in the contest this week with this one.



As described above, I don't think the saying fits. They shouldn't write "NUR" here, becouse not all of them are cool.



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