A Random Thought About Life

Lately I have had several thoughts going through my mind questioning the essence of life. The beauty in being born only to harbor the thought that someday we would be no more, it doesn't matter how long but the same fate awaits us all. This one thought makes it dreadful and may have wondered why you were chosen among the million sperm cells that swam to the female egg. Charles Darwin would better describe it as the cell which was most active but beyond that, God trusted us with this;

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.

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Yes, the above statement is so true. No one was born by mistake. God knows we would be strong enough to live it. It may not look so, the depression, the twist in life, the hard times, the struggles , and the unseen unfolding of events may have weighed us down but He expects us to stay strong through failure. We were created to strive through the heat and come out refined and strong, he trusted us on that and had to invest in us to make a difference.

I came across a tweet where a lady resolved to take out her womb just so she could prevent herself from giving birth to children who would come to face the harsh reality of life. She may seem to have a point but why destroy what had freely been given to you. Life is beyond living, life is fulfilling purpose and each individual has a purpose to which life was given to him. Why deny God access to use your worm as a channel through which generations are saved. It's beyond living for yourselves but living for Him who has given us life. I came to understand that we can only succeed in life through him who had seen us fit enough to live, so whenever we are weary, ask him for strength and whenever you're lost, ask him for direction.

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