Tell me more oh experts about how the scientific evidence of generations has been wrong: "FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity"

I keep stumbling upon information on COVID that I think needs to be shared and discussed. I like to write about many subjects but I keep getting dragged back into this one. I know this should not be surprising considering how hugely this is impacting all of our lives.

I wrote an article last night about Ivermectin a few hours after I'd written an article about how they were dismissing natural immunity.

Then what do I find out this morning. I find out the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is doubling down on attacking natural immunity. This also kind of flies in the face of the idea of vaccines. If survivors do not have natural immunity now and you have read their papers on their vaccines then what their vaccines are doing wouldn't either. While they attack natural immunity what some people may miss is simply by doing this they also make many of the past claims that vaccines don't work (I think in some very specific illnesses they do) as being accurate. This would mean you're getting a good dose of fear from the media, who is largely supported by ad revenue from these companies that produce the vaccines. Then they get you to take their "vaccine" which until now worked by stimulating the same immune response as the illness in order to trigger anti-body production without needing to actually get the illness and try to survive. It's goal was to mimic the natural immunity of survivors without you having to try to survive the deadly illness.

Now suddenly with all the fear and the hype the FDA themselves are bashing Natural Immunity? That kind of destroys a lot of their arguments and things they've said to vilify and treat people that questioned like blasphemers.

WND - FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity


Many Americans who have chosen not to get one of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines because of the risks have hoped that testing positive for antibodies could substitute for being vaccinated, providing a virtual "vaccine passport."

But the Food and Drug Administration issued guidance this week stating a vaccine is still needed to confirm immunity from the COVID-19 virus.

Now for those of you not paying attention. Read that quote. Then read the following and think of what the two of those together imply.

CDC identifies only 10,000 COVID-19 infections in fully vaccinated, but likely an undercount

More than 10,000 fully vaccinated people in the U.S. have experienced a "breakthrough" COVID-19 infection, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study.

According to the CDC, a total of 10,262 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, out of the approximately 101 million people who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at the time.


The coronavirus vaccines are highly effective, but they will not completely prevent all infections, so some breakthroughs are expected.

So in case you missed it let me try to lay that out for you...

FDA: "a vaccine is still needed to confirm immunity"
CDC: "The vaccine is effective, but they will not prevent all infections."

Do you see the contradiction?

The natural immunity which until now was the absolute best form of immunity ANYONE could have is not good enough. To be a good little mind slave you need to get this vaccine which will not prevent all infection.

Do you notice how they are treating ALL the vaccine variants as the solution?

They don't care which one you take. As long as you take one of their cocktails. They are ALL being treated as unquestionable. (aka not scientific) While simultaneously they are ignoring and contradicting centuries of common sense, and scientific knowledge.

If this was scientific don't you think they would be finding out which one works the best and pushing that one?

Nope. They push them all. If you take ANY of them you get your "vaccine passport". It doesn't matter which one as long as you comply.

That doesn't sound scientific at all.

It does sound pretty nefarious though...

The following word should echo in your mind as you finish reading this and drift away...


EDIT: May 28th, 2021-
Another interesting article:

NEW EVIDENCE Proves Dr. Fauci and CDC Prevented Use of Proven Drug on COVID-19 and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS DIED — When Will Americans Wake Up?

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