Sunlight on the winter sea

Sunlight on the winter sea

This is my contribution today.
A photo that gives us happiness and even some warmth, on the coldest days we also enjoy the sea, which remains serene. And not so cold thanks to the marvelous sun that almost always accompanies us, giving everything that surrounds us a special glow. Like those reflections that seem to be heading towards me.

Approaching the edge, hearing the waves that arrive, smelling that salty air, and looking towards the horizon... just pick up my Samsung phone and I have taken this photo, enjoying the reflections and that sunlight that makes everything incredible, even on winter days.

I have taken the photograph during a beautiful and bright morning on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. A Friday of January, in which the air was colder than usual, but everything remains just as splendid and beautiful.

Happy bright Friday!

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful and glowing day.


The text is totally mine, by ©Duvinca
and the photo is mine too!

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