Unity and peace series, I suppose this is #3.

If you are familiar with the phrase "Never ask God for faith or patience" then this post will resonate with you. "They" say don't ask for these things - because in order to get more faith - you need to pass through some trials! In order to get an endowment of patience - you need to earn it by waiting a loooooooooong time. So, by asking for these virtues, you're in essence asking for the trials that usually precede them!

I had no idea that peace and unity also fell under these same warnings! But, lo and behold, I decide to open my big mouth and announce that we are going to be attempting to #speekpeece and focus on unity next month, and many little explosions, implosions, cracks and detonations happened all over the place!

Now what to do?

I'll tell you what, the first round of attacks hit close to home. It happened with two people near and dear to my heart that had difficulty seeing their own flaws, but could easily see the other's. LOL Isn't that common to us all? How we can't spend a moment trying to refine our own hearts, but boy-oh-boy! We have a week to work on yours! hehehe I tried to mediate, counsel, speak gently, nudge in the right direction - but in the end, I simply failed. I couldn't fix it. I couldn't MAKE anyone see anything. I'm pretty sure I even let my frustrations leak all over the place too. So, we just had to pause.

I'll be honest - after that, I seriously just sat on my bed and thought, "What am I thinking? I can't help two people that actually have LOVE for each other and I think that my little efforts with an entire community are going to do something with RELATIVE STRANGERS? Outside my true reach? With a lot more to fix than even meets the eye?"

And in that little quiet moment, I heard God say, "yep."

And I laughed. REALLY hard. Because I see not only the sense of humor that God CONTINUALLY has with me (and by the way, He thinks I'm pretty funny too! lol) but also the unbelievable patience that He has with me and every other irritating human being on this planet! LOL So - the answer was yep. Don't give up, keep doing it. Even if you think you "fail", you're not. You try, you learn, you grow, you affect, you change - even in infinitessimally small ways that you might never see. You're doing what you are supposed to do. So - do it.

I've started the conversation with the sweet, special heart that I have grown to love absolutely dearly in the last few months. We have been talking about HOW... EXACTLY HOW we are supposed to lead this little mission on our hearts. We don't know everything exactly - but we do know one thing: we are unified. If I even began to tell you the wild things that have been happening with us FOR MONTHS now to keep us in the same orbit - you wouldn't believe me. So I won't. That's for her and me to enjoy. But let me just say, it's deeply encouraging!

And the way we speak to one another? Love, respect, joy, admiration - which leads to peace, EASILY. She makes it EASY for me to #speekpeece.

Don't you just LOVE people like that??? It makes me think, how can I make it easier for people to #speekpeece with me? How can I make every interaction with me something for people to walk away, smiling, content, happy?

We both were given the "seed" of an idea. For me, it happened when it usually happens. Between dreem and sleep, a seed.

Come on... can we just take a moment to pause and enjoy all those words with double ee's? haha

But yes, a seed.

And if you think about it - what do you DO with a seed? You plant it. You nourish it. You give it space.

  • But do you make it grow? No.
  • Do you have to fashion that plant? And form it? No.

All you have to do is start, and then step back and watch nature take its course. You can step in to add your support, and treat it gently, and give it room to thrive! And in the end, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of the harvest.

And who doesn't love the freshly picked ripe bounty of the nature!? I currently have about 9 tomatoes that are red, juicy, sweet-tart and READY for me to enjoy, and that vision is in my mind right now... the same type of joy being able to sit back and watch what we have in store for October's planting and the future harvest.

But another thought came to my mind...

A seed can produce a one-time harvest, but a seed can also drop its fruit to the ground, and sprout NEW plants that grow all over. That takes MORE time, but it all begins with one seed.

When I started to feel overwhelmed with the thought of "Oh my gosh, how do I think I'm going to do ANYTHING significant in 30 days of October?!?!?" God pulled my mind back again, and said "You won't. So don't try. Just try to do what you can do in October. It's a seed, Dreem. It's not the whole orchard...yet."

Wow. So, starting with one, and then waiting to see what God will do with the rest. That's been my motto for 8 years now, given to us from an amazing man who changed my perspective. It's amazing to see how often it comes up, and applies effortlessly to so many situations.

I'll lead you to the final explosion that happened this week. Again, with two dear friends that have a lot of love for each other. But things got a little too heated for some of us witnessing the interaction. Now, I will say that it was our interpretation - that the two involved both just have a gruff way of expressing themselves and that the two of them weren't offended. But... for the public? Probably wasn't the best way to interact in front of some strangers. I reached out to them privately, worried that they might be irritated and aggressive towards me.

And both of them were kind, appreciative, gentle, and more. One promised to refrain from that kind of interaction in the future, and the other apologized multiple times and thanked me for being willing to call the behavior out, and said that was the mark of a "true friend".

And just like that, I heard God's voice again saying. "See? Told ya so." hehehe

So... in the next day or two, I will be announcing the community that we are going to plant "seeds" in for October. The fun thing for me? These seeds are not just for that particular community - but for everyone, and can grow fruit across the whole world, in every heart and household. I'm really looking forward to watching all these plants grow, and I'll hope for future orchards! I hope you will all get a chance to taste of the harvest too. But, rest assured, the end of October will come, and you'll have the temptation to let your plants go wild, neglect their care, and possibly let that fruit rot on the vine.

Remember that you can always try again. That's the cool thing about seeds. They wait for you to try again.

I hope this week of "pep-prep" talks have gotten you curious, but more importantly, have softened the soil of your hearts for those seeds. It's never easy, but with humility, love, joy, and respect - I really do think we can have grow in unity.

My friend and I have it already! Just accept the invitation to join us to share in ours and add your own, adopt the heart and mind to put others first, and before you know it - we are building that orchard together.

Think about it...

October is right around the corner. We'd love to have you join us!

All images were used from sources that allow their beautiful work to be displayed on commercial blogs. They do not require attribution, but I do so willingly so allow my readers to know that I write and blog with integrity ❤️ Also, their work is beautiful! Just because they don't ask for acknowledgement, doesn't mean I shouldn't give it! Thank you photographers!

Explosion by geralt on Pixabay
Ponder by Jacob Lund
Easy friendship by Dean Drobot
Tomato by Kathy Kafka
Orchard by alacatr
Friends by jaymarcochi
grow in unity by Anis Ferisa

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