So what's so different about THIS DreemPort Challenge?

Well, I'm glad you asked!

This is the first PROGRESSIVE challenge that we are doing!

The amount of tokens that you can earn is all based on how many of the six challenges you enter! The more you enter makes you eligible for bigger prizes. Rank in the top 5 for MORE prizes!

How do you enter?

Write a post on your favorite front-end (or even a different platform), and enter it on the DreemPort site, so that all public curators can rank your post! (Your post will be randomly assigned and genuinely curated!) ALL POSTS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE SITE ON THURSDAY, October 28 BY 5PM PST. The site opens and closes the deadline for challenges promptly, so be sure to submit on THAT day. No sooner, no later! You have ONE WEEK to prepare the BEST entry! 😁

What is the topic?


You will use:

  • your research,
  • your travel tips,
  • your sense of adventure,
  • your imagination AND
  • your ability to stay under budget

to WOW all the judges with THE BEST trip that money can buy!! IF YOU SPEND MORE THAN your allotted budget, sorry - you're disqualified from winning top 5!

How much money can you spend?

Each week we will be building that budget! But we're starting on the simpler side!


You have 💰$100💰 to spend for a DAY TRIP for you and one friend! (tag them in your post if they're on Hive!)

The day trip can be in ANY country you like. You don't have to use your $100 to fly there - just start your day IN the country of your choice! But you DO have to account for any transportation costs DURING the day trip. (taxi to dinner? bus across town? make sure you count that expense!)
  • Tell us what you eat
  • Tell us where you go
  • Tell us what you do
  • Make us see that YOUR day trip is the best location to spend $100

and don't forget to tabulate the costs FOR TWO PEOPLE. You - and the friend you're taking! If you're in a new country - be sure to do your research for costs!

Take your time figuring out the BEST trip - you have a FULL WEEK to choose the best place and write it up! Our world has been locked up and unable to REALLY travel and see the world for so long! hehehe HAVE FUN!

NEXT challenge you'll have more to spend... so start "dreeming" LOL

Make this day trip one to remember!!!

You might be wondering... who is going to judge these entries? Simple. EVERY single person who enters can ALSO judge! You will get a RANDOMLY assigned group of posts to read and rank! (Everyone who curates will!) Every post will be in multiple groups with randomly assigned group-mates each time! This helps us to get the BEST curation results as posts get judged against as many DIFFERENT posts as possible.

Want to try out the process BEFORE the challenge?

Just go register on DreemPort and try! You'll begin curating 5 random posts, and then you will be invited to submit your own post for the next day's pool! PLEASE look at our Community Guidelines before submitting your post. Since posts are assigned randomly, people have no CHOICE what they will read daily. Therefore, we have to make sure that our standards are TAME. lol Yes, much tamer than Hive. hehehe If you have saucy posts 😋- please keep them here on Hive and only share your TAME posts on DreemPort for the sake of everyone there!


we are still building the site, and it is currently in testing - so we THANK YOU if you're willing to test with us! If you have any questions - feel free to jump into the DreemPort discord, and ask away!

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