More fun has arrived? Aye. It be here!

Now there is ANOTHER reason to curate posts on! Of course, the perk of being seen by new viewers was always a motivating factor for curating posts on DreemPort. However, we wanted to add a bit of fun! (because we know that dreemers love FUN!)

Some dreemers mistakenly thought you MUST submit a post after curating - and thought they shouldn't curate UNLESS they were ready to submit also.

But curating can happen every day - regardless of submissions! We actually LOVE it when more curators come visit daily! Curating is what increases your level status, helps you to meet new writers, earns you DREEM tokens - and now.....


When you finish your curation, you'll have the opportunity to draw a card randomly. There are 5 levels of 5 different series that are in the mix! Your goal is to get enough cards to merge them, to the top level! Once you've achieved that top level, you can redeem that card for special benefits on DreemPort: double DREEM daily rewards, Featured Post, Ability to submit twice daily - and more!

You ALSO get the chance to draw a card for aligning your curation results with the Guild! This is our way of saying thanks - for being an accurate Curator!

What do the cards look like?

I don't want to give away too much, because it will be more fun for you to share your discoveries with other dreemers! But I will give you an example of one of the series! I'll just show you the first three levels of this card - so I won't give away the fully revealed Level 5 card!

Here you can see that 7 of the Level 1 cards will be able to be merged up for a Level 2 card of that same series! It might seem too easy? But, don't forget - there are 5 different series in the mix! You'll be getting a variety of levels and series, and each day you'll be that much closer to getting that top card!


You can! We are super proud of the fact that our game is FREE to play for all our dreemers. This is just our attempt to bring in more fun to your daily tasks at DreemPort! We didn't want there to be any deterrant for our dreemers to participate. However, in order to buy, sell, or trade the cards - they FIRST must be minted into NFTS. So - want to earn on your own and challenge yourself to level those cards by yourself? Take the FREE route! Want to start buying, selling, and trading in order to complete your series? Take the NFT route! Whichever you choose - it's up to you how you have the most fun! MORE details will come later! But we are just giving you a brief overview to get you started!!


Perfect! You don't really need do! DreemPort can be your gateway into the NFT world - IF you're really interested. All you need to know is that you will be earning images on our site. The image will be stored ON our site, meaning that they are viewable in your account, and can be redeemed with us - when you reach the top level. That's ALL you need to know! BUT... when you start to see people who have cards you need ? And you're willing to exchange one of yours - for one of them? We need to turn that image into an actual token that can go from your Hive Engine wallet - to theirs! It's a simple, inexpensive process - and when we get to that bridge, we will help you cross it!


YEP! Who else but NiftyPhil... (NFT Phil.. get it?hehe) @l337m45732 could get all hands on deck for our DreeMerge cards! He will have cards to give away, contests, and other fun! If you're paying attention - you'll be sure to find some little secrets to getting extra cards! Don't forget - this month Capt'n Dreemie be havin' her TREASURE HUNT too!! We already gave away some pretty pirate treasure at PYPT with @Shadowspub on Thursday! Trust and believe - we be havin' more this coming Thursday. Clues will be headin' yer way on the 'morrow!

Ok! I think I'm ready, but what else do I do?

Here's the thing! If I give you all the info now - you'll just get overwhelmed, confused, and forget it all anyway! Just come to curate on Monday (Remember DreemPort is the only site on the internet that is CLOSED on weekends - so go enjoy real life! hehe) As soon as you finish your curation - you'll be able to draw a card and start your DreeMerge journey! I won't say more - but I CAN guarantee that there WILL be a race coming up. Best to START earning cards now! hehehe Oh - you're still reading, that's great! Because on Sunday, at exactly 4:44 pm I will chose a random person from the comment section to get a free DreeMerge card draw in your DreemPort account. All ye be needin' to say is "I be wantin' a DreeMerge card, Capt'n!" and ye be entered!!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @jamerussell, @mypathtofire, and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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